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Those in the trenches, look UP

Rebound, feel your SELF worth,

your value system, rise, rose font,

Rising, rose, risen

Ashes to ashes out of the ashes,

Rising Phoenix rising phonetics, higher genetics,

rose worth- rose buds expanding, re-SOURCing.

Down periscope, beyond the scope,

up up and aWAY, no place like home,

home IN, for you ARE home, Rays

RAISE, Realize you CREATE your REALITY,

Theory of relativity, real

Where will you CHOOSE your next point NOW.

We feel the buzz, the excitement, the stirRING.

Reel in the NEW, for it is withIN you.

Your hum, IS the wave IS the excitement.

We reunify in NEW spells.

Spell binding frequencies of D light.

Hammer time 😂 feel the sparkle,

Existing WITHin this new wave,

way of harmonious inner action, inner action and PLAY.

Rewriting the script, moment to moment improv,

Improvisation, improv in-is Ation

improv, improve in all ways.

We are the NOW. We are the YOU,

future aspects coming to play,

past existence exiting today.

Existential reunification

All aspects combined, the combination lock

has clicked into place, Dorothy

and all is being accessed,

released, rebirthed, realized, renewed.

So be it. SO, sew it is.

Worth word origin:

"significant, valuable, of value; valued, appreciated, highly thought-of, deserving, meriting; honorable, noble, of high rank; suitable for, proper, fit, capable," ,Perhaps a derivative of PIE *wert- "to turn, wind," from root *wer- (2) "to turn, bend as "equivalent to, of the value of, valued at; having importance equal to; equal in power to."

worth (v.)

"to come to be, "to become, be, to befall," from Proto-Germanic *werthan "to become"

to become"), literally "to turn into," from PIE root *wer- (2) "to turn, bend."

worth (n.)

Old English weorþ "value, price, price paid; worth, worthiness, merit; equivalent value amount, monetary value, excellence, nobility."

Ring, rose, etc is all connected to implosion physics, coherence,

Hammer time... other than the song 😂It is also a reference to Thors hammer which has to do with gravitational force. The reason Thors hammer can only be lifted by someone who is worthy is because it has to do with implosion and heart coherence as well this is what wields the power of implosion or creation so to speak and energy, based of a theoretical particle known as the Graviton

The graviton is a theoretical particle which is the particle that carries gravitational force.

From Wikipedia - He joined RCA, where was active in the development of TV camera tubes.

Rose was an expert on photoconductivity. He also did research on the visibility of objects in a noisy signal, such as from TV tubes. He found that humans could distinguish small objects in noisy images at near 100% accuracy if the object brightness differed from the background by at least 5 times the noise standard deviation; this signal-to-noise relationship is known as the Rose criterion.Rose also originated the concept of detective quantum efficiency, today widely used in optical and X-ray imaging.

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