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We create a bandwidth, We create a bond with We create a bond with these energies that allows us to synchronize With them more frequently And so, as we dip into these more often, we are then able to create a holding container if you will A space that allows us to more actively realize these deeper potentials We hold onto the frequencies and then we hone them with more skill So let us tune into for a moment to the frequencies we are speaking of Let us share with you the code indexes that are mapping into your system now as you co create with these frequencies For as you map into these- co-currencies, concurrently running frequency pattern networks, you allow yourself to sequentially analyze a certain Topical diuretic, directive if you will, This topical diarrhetic allows you to move through the bandwidth to create new patterns So let us go a little deeper, You are charging a certain domino effect if you will For within this domino matrix, this dominatrix that you have been mapping into is a frequency pattern that allows you to combine forces That allows you to combine resources, It allows you to code into a new analytical development if you will, Tsunami. This developing practice of information, converges in a timeline matrix that allows you to create an abundant set of codes, These codes create a pattern in the starseed network, from one perspective They create a pattern that allows you to dummy down certain diagnostics An elastic- dia-gnostic, diode lactic, analogostic code sets that would otherwise be unrecognizable I am seeing merging 3D 4d 5D pulling them in and then create a rift- that has to do with music, Let’s play with this a bit: A rift of angelic chords These angelic chords, if you will, are certain sounds They hold within them a certain SQUEEZE, if you will Certain creative functionalities, creatively functioning analogies An analogous program, deflections space time program Space time program These codes are mapping a truce, if you will These codes are clearing out an assortment of arrays, a ray of networks that hones in on truth. So much of the networks that were being established In previous light time constructs We introduce these different complex- sounds, (POW for complex holds different patterns and frequencies) For this language has been kept at bay for quite sometime from the light worker community, from one perspective. The reason this language has been kept at bay Was because it held within it certain geometries that could be easily miscomputed Miscalculated and misinterpreted, for the language barrier is a lowly one- It is a lower frequency dynamo soup The bandwidths create a charge There are those that are negatively charged, from one perspective Or polarized, polarized light polarized night And these patterns can be recognized from both ends However, you must stay in a high place of resiliency mapping progamination Program in nation-programitron for these codes to be politically analyzed POW Pole- lit-i- call, we must be holding a certain perspective if you will Holding a certain framework that allows for the isosceles triangulation POW to create a bandwidth that is truth ridden, riddled with truth And not misconstrued and misinterpretated mis interp-pet rated Inter Petra preta For fear is a heavy projection, if you will We tune into and map into light We triangulate with these light pattern frequencies to help lighten the load , if you will To help reorganization to occur with in these fields The triangulation patterns and networks in which you are co activating with are allowing the human tribe to uplevel in light Therefore the burdens that have been placed upon humanity, from one perspective are being reanalyzed- we are starting to look deeper The codon, co-tron, tron network, tronologial, Let us float back into the heart chamber for just a minute ( hearing the kings chamber) Let us take these analytical representations And re analyze them from another layered perspective Let us understand let us absorb let us renegotiate with our consciousness So we can understand the patterns That are being offered (ELF- the mail tubes, we are sending these messages up through these tubes, mail order bride, is what I am hearing) Let us go a little deeper into the subatomic if you will, sub-a tromics, tromix, if you will, for the subatomric- tronix layers that we speak of- suba-tromic, create a binding network (Remember the speech patterns , that’s what its about) The lower isosceles diffibulator, bank, holds a pattern LOL This field bank is banking on itself, We triangulate with these froequencies so you may create a pattern As you allow this pattern of subsidiearies to follow In your footsteps, you allow a deeper acitivation to occur to recognize these patterns These patterns of coherence are creating a change, charge The change, charge, is an influctuation of parcels and subsets that allow for a frequency domination to be dominunated This is all code, (obviously) The code is necessary For within these word dice, if you will, we roll a certain frequency off your tongue We roll a certain harmonic equilibrium off the tongue For many have been tongue tied for too long We think that this speaking in tongues represents a folding if you will into this Higher network, yet it is part of the human language Linguistical language application play It has been discharged for too long So you are creating this barrier to be broken if you will And as you map into this you are also holding a dynamic exchange with the time space scenario let us play with this for a moment This scenario is converging on itself You are creating a timed network that is a chapel of sorts It allows a chipitular -(capitulate, chip-) Let us play with these words for a moment, (I was hearing you are doing an excellent job of keeping up, (I wasn’t feeling like I was) (Light Langauge influx here) Your sustainability is imporoving, So let us keep improving on it You are trying to understand what this charge means, you are trying to understand what this adaptability means, let go of the need to understand for you are in understanding Hold onto the juice points, if you will It is less resistant that way Allow the church to spill through you, (what is a church, it is a place of worship, it is a temple, you are not connected to the network that seeks to connect you, They do not know how to access you, for you are blowing their mind, if you will You are blowing out the hive mind and they cannot understand your form of communication for it creates a frequency barrier that they have no access to This frequency barrier is necessary- it is a gift not easily exposed yet you are exposing how others can play with this gift and you are activating Codes by speaking in this way. Complete-



Isosceles triangulation:the vertex measures 42 degrees (I am hearing 42° of separation )

At bayAt bay led me to look up at bay which is a place in Egypt, then click on the the Ironically this is found in mini rest areas and I had just written the word rift in this above channeling. Seeing the double meanings within. I assumed it was about music but now I’m seeing the other layers LOL I looked this up and as I begin reading it I sauce is even on both sides this also talks about lightening the load or making the load more equal or even I wrote in the above channeling about lightening the load

Elf….. extremely low frequency

Chapel Canaopy little cape place where relics are stored

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