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Soma, So Mach More

Updated: Jun 18, 2022

We shift our directive

And open a new canister Can I Stir of worms We spread our energy We move it into the corners All four, and more

For the directional pull The directional poll, pole, Envelop, envelopes so much more, Soma more We are not held within the same time capsule We once WERE

For as we SPREAD the Word,

we combine into a new essence of expansion.

Our resonance harnesses a new expression of advancement We begin to restructure HOW our division accesses higher accounts Counts, higher numbers. For we are not truly divided, we are under one rule, the golden rule, the compassion theory The golden compass and we have undone

Certain measurements, (spool) under the Sun

We heliotrope and

trip up their switches Meant to switch us into a negative direction and we change course Into negantropic and we harness the subtropic subantripic layers The tropic of the sun Cancer conjunctions juncture points on the scale TipPINGing the scales, dipping below.

Land down under movements

are then escalated POW To assist in the fracture, bringing us BACK to fractal, fractionated whole This entire sub scape, subscapula Lower echelon kingdom is then networked The muscle groups joint together Join conjunction aqueducts, reunite, for there is a counter fight - to make these adjustments, Flight of the storm Storm troopers flight, flight of the concords, Concordians

We access another dimensional stream of consciousness and this creates a Möbius strip

(of time travel) stripped of outer concoctions POW Rooster dynamics, flow and wind speed variations, navigational flux in capacitation Play with this

These fluid dynamics create a swirl, a sizable schematic that lift the whirl, The world into ONE, directional chorus, course, setting course in a multitude of variations, Unsurmisable

this leads to the demise , Demleyes of certain nefarious architecture constructs built on the destruct. (Vs constructive interference) Mode of circumference

For this new construction is built on phase acquisition Phase development transaction Heat signature frequency code inductions.

There is a realization here in the pen and paper fluid mechanics Fluid thermodynamics And adjust, jet propulsion, (jet ink) squid ink Squaring off the frequency adductors.

Let us spill, spell out this mechanical sedation, For the radiation that is OMmitted,

emitted, Admittedly creates a soma-bustion,

combustion chamber that is noteworthy Suit up, suitable for those whose alchemy resonates, twinkle toes The adductor switch holds an internal capacity hard wired, Hot wired, (travel) Have suit will travel, that destabilizes those

that cannot adjust = combust

For we again

reroute the entire system from within For we are the living organism Writ into the final package For we are leveling up

And revealing a long held capacity for molecular convergence.

We have come to a stand, still A still- houette, silhouette A reference to the shadow, yet also holds a frame. Let us unblock the convergence centers For we are emerging emulsified, immerse-i PHI-d Multiplied and reduced into a HO-lding soup suit, aqueduct

reduction Aquatic application.

There is a station that is now up and running within Divine implications We implicitly imply

that our own communication is within reach Reach out touch faith, Face, about face Steady about, return face face off? Lift off We hold a container, canister,

we hold a portal A vector, a victory dance And we move with outnumbered speed To reclaim another, brother,

soup soul spark

that was lost in the shuffle (Everyday I’m shuffling, lmfao)?

We are not subject to too many subsets, for this new frequency has lingering effects It creates a codex unparalleled in expansion.

There is a new space that is accessed And it allow us to move faster No more density patterns For further disruption Unscrupulous tactics with the desire to scatter Are waylaid, are not supported any longer For they have been thwarted.

Their archaic techniques have been disbanded And we no longer accept their signature frequency Of denial.

A hopeless insurrection creates a distraction And a mural of discrepancy lingers to play out These visual tactics do not allow us to participate in the way They would like, yet this is insignificant.

Allow the production node acuity to resurface There is much that is flooding the surface In service to the ALL, mighty (Come on within, come on without )

The essence of creation that allows expression is upon us Moving us into such a fluid direction there is no wave that Can be stopped. The entrapment ensnarement device, divisiveness Is flailing and we have excelled in an excellent communication signal

Strap in for this Will be accessed 10 fold By those in the ‘know’ in the now Those with the ability to sing (the songs of freedom, redemption song) Truth liberty and justice Yet these are not the accurate rendition of the language dynamics But you understand what we reference, what we MEAN (the golden ones)

For we spin out tiny threads and embed in a signature frequency of light That ignites a space in the directory of harmonics

We can then tap into places and spaces that may have resisted before (I was hearing false flag behind the words as I typed the word directory) unable to play-hear the score. This opens a door to reset

how this is accessed and stabilized.

This allows for a unified unfoldment Breaking barriers of sound

And destabilizing further the axis, POW access Beams of sub consciousness Inter actions, and sub erroneous harmonics that have been shut down

or at least singularly POW held back.

We reference archeology technology and Duplicity that is no more than a cats fox an effects- leap away, (hop skip and a jump? Cats fox?) (I am seeing a cats eye).

Held within this thermodynamic spin, are more combustion, chambers. That as they activate, ignite, as they ignite, they activate Actively ignite, activity, A series of adjustment equilibriums that harness the frequency debate debacle ? Duplicity seeks to convey a false front But this cannot exist under the number coordinates that are set to unlock the calibration (molecules) That then unload The (whole kit and caboodle) For this spaghetti model cannot forecast the storm that is set to confront the masses Mistakes made by assess (LOL) Assets that conformed to a false modeling system And this unloads a false trajectory that will be skipped over (Skyped over) Moreover, it blends and merges, blurs the adjustment lines and Lineages into a soupy mixture of establishment changes, (red rover red rover).

We share this in hopes it will stimulate a response of the highest simulation, stimulation For you must move, in a new way You must convey this other version, side, PSI-ide Of you , perhaps in TIME Perhaps perhaps perhaps You must open up, (trust) That the components, composition held within ARE lighting the way and touching the hearts Pieces of truth That spark A reveal-action, reveal-solution- revelation Within your own skinsuit

Suit up, For your own inner technology

is set to move up into an upward spin Triangle, triangulation mobility, yet again, (Möbius, Morpheus). And this is right on time, Dorothy.

(I am hearing TOTO out of Africa- toltechtonics Toto-tech-tonics, a glass Aperture, special subtropics, spacial superfluid superfluous, supination, (supes- soups).

Spoiler alert, the medical advancements that are available are bar none They outclass the upper class, upper crust and clash with the old system

The obsolete (dio-metrics) biometrics convey more information that will need to be accessed in this now unavoidable

space (of diometrics?)




Rooster dynamics:

Silhouette clustering

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