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Where is now

and the peace within me

is renewed, the sound of the sigh,

the sight of sound, the ahhh, the om,

As I omit, that which is NOT

I admit that which IS, truth,

PEACE, pieces of the ALL.

Fall INto Source,

Fall into love, IN love,

with SELF, selflessness,

THE benevelence, for, as ALL,

through the curtain, the,

I feel THROUGH the veil,

We are Lifting the VEIL,

the window of SIGHT,

and time, to open the window,

converGing, UNcovering,

benevelance for THE ALL, Gaia, Earth, Elemental, Elements in form,


wearing skin, uniform

cells within, See ALL within.

where is NOW,

where is love


we ARE Love-

Wear LOVE, the Code,

Coat of MANY colors,


scene, reviewed,

expressed, serpentine, time

rising, unwinding, trimerge,

kundalini, kindle in I- rising,

Ra-SING, renewed, expressed, revealed,

As within so without,

Beyond doubt, exressed truth.

So as many are Revealing,

soul Retrieveal,

Remembering pieces

Bringing peace, pieces of them, selves, bridging, bits and pieces,

byts of information

flowing in, stored wiithin-

the greater concept(ion)

of all embodied, embedded,

in our bodies,

we are the embodiment-

VIsual-eyes the WORD

in form, information,

I AM in form,

I Am information,

informing the I AM,

connect the strings,

the ties, ion forming.


memories flow in for many, rescontstructing, setting

Sending new instructions,

new views, new instruction sets,

codes of communication,

TELLING a story,

as we CHANGE, our story-

communicate setting new tones,

new intentions,

new intent- new focus.

We Remember more of THAT

which we are, were ,will be,

able to set one foot forward,

in forward motion,

for words in motion-

handling emotions,

flowing notions, nations, natural.

Tears may flow, free cleansing

as fears are realized, released

and the inner child divine feminine, masculine merge, renewed, revealed,

as much is unveiled.

A time of mass energy incoming,

coming up, bubbling within,

Let laughter rise,

allow the bubbles to lift-

lava, love- flow.

Laughter is the best medicine-

the medicine women have reunited, reignited raising waves,

energy streaming in.

coming up, resurfaceing, resurging, urging us forward

acting with the medicine within-

the shamans of NOW.

A divine braiding

of past present future, NOW

in our blood- boiling, bubbling,

rising, raising vibraiton,

reasing old lines, contracts, vows, contradictions, cords-

blending lines, softening, hybrids,

high brides, bending timelines,

merging, high bridge, crossing,

into divine marriage.

Trinity consciousness- UNITY.

Medicine- Me-Da- Sign-,

read the signs, within.

We reveal an inner strength-

an inner fire, along with

the Earth Goddess mother, our home,

as within, so without-

our body, our vessel.

We are feeling the awakening,

stirring, we are being invited to remember what has served us,

in this lifetime, and release

what is no longer needed.

once and for ALL-

For one and for all, and all for one. Permanent- see, seed, atom.

CHoose the high road,

the good red road-

the road less traveled,

for thy rod and thy staff comfort me-

feel the base, beat of the drum.

Inner circles of bands-

bandwidths, tree rings, ring tree,

three rings- divine marriage.

Tribes, our medicine

is awake- within us,

as we remember beyond this vessel. Open the mind, the heart,

hear the beat- heartbeat,

vessel of freedom, internal rythmn,

the drum OM.old gifts reemerge,

re- merge with SELF, all versions,

all ancestors, rise up in the blood,

the bones, the crystals,

inside of you, me we, Gaia-

Gaia tara gather, the gathering,

tera form, from Earth-


the calling ALL IN, all ancestors speak. Gather in the song.

We are feeling shifts and surges, and re-emurgance, (re-emergency-emerg--in SEE, C notes)-

of a deeper connection to our roots

as we are all the entangled,

like beautiful threads

interconnecteing, weaving, and

dancing, in the web of life.

As we reconnect with ancient

memories, our DNAawakens,

SO to speak, and

we rewrite over the OLD timelines,

discs, discords and

step through as new into the new NOW, and past memories this lifeteime. Closing collapsing, kneading like Dough divine ingredients for the recipe

of who we have become,

who we are now,

where we ARE becoming.

Higher senses opening,

we sensitise ourselves to a FEELING, many have never experienced,

(in this lifetime)-

this can create feelings of seeming unease, for it is an undescribed

feeling as we rewrite, POW.

We FEEL different, and

we are being invited not to label

and just allow the rewriting to occur.

We may feel the call,

collective unraveling,

rewriting a new consciousness set,

so to speak- this is happening

on a mass scale, (harmonics and is reverberated , (sound, sigh, ahh)-

as much is realeased

and space opens-

for it has already opened.

(I see gas escaping energetically

and this happening indivivudually

and we ADD UP to create a collective.

therefore this is felt EVEN more,

and those us of that Are

Already Aware, are Assisting in Allowing space for our brothers and sisters

who are unaware this is happening.

Or just beginning to understand.

At the same time, in the same way,

as the wave,

we are also Activating one Another, (wave)- holding one another, stabilizing, holding space,

holding eachother accountable,

ABLE, to account for our own energy, actions in love Adoration, Admiration.

Physically we are also clearing,

making space and rewriting

so as we open, expand,

emotions rise up, (gas) Earth, and

clear as we feel our own changes, charges, memories, feelings,

and these were also held in the body.

I see us, the Earth, the Akash

as CD's re-writing combining,

therefore the body must,

must morph as well to make space

for all that is coming up,

Carboning UP, care binding,

into crystallizing byts, cryst-alls, morphing into crystalzye, realize, therefore everything FEELS different

and sometimes brings with it discomfort. Perceived different as the old morphs bridges rewrites wires with the new.

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