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Wings of truth, reconfigured energy centers

allow us to kick it up a notch as we come together in this communication process we join a VOID, we no longer avoid THAT which we are, we come together, in a void-DANCE, a dance within the frames withIN the networks, within the commingling jingles, the sound of the BELLS the sound of THAT which we KNOW so well yet we have been DENYING, yet There is no denial for what we are opening to is BEYOND the CONcept of human potential, beyond the CONCEPTUALIZATION. there is more, than meets the eye. For eye SEE, I am that I am, I SEED that I am, and from my lineagAGE spills forth the FLOWER, being birthed from withIN, For this is OUR hour- our HOUR of power of empowerment, POWER-moment of a new meaning, new means, golden (age) means, TO what it IS to have BEEN, searching FOR, (is this love that I am feeling)- whitesnake, shedding 😂 our expansiveness is resetting time Time reset, time and time again.

See into the deeper LAYERS, the words that you are using cannot even begin to describe the framework that you are MOVING into, that you are BEcoming that you are in the process of 'rolling out' so to speak, that you are IN the process of rolling FROM, unFURLing, for the wings are still new and fresh or so it SEEMS because, they have been SEAMed, seemed, sealed up. That which has been taped up, Bound up if you will, so as not to show, so as not to be seen, so as not to SHOW and TELL, for that which WAS, seen BEFORE as an abomination, is NOW seen as the TRUTH behind the NATION, naturally.

We expose not only the truths that have been HELD within a captivating display, technological holographic presentation, WE also are now displaying our own powers, for we are coming into this power recognition.

(I am seeing us having wings, and we had bound our wings like corsets, and they were in hiding, hidden within- and because this was judged as an abomination- as abnormal, like being 'different', but also a sourcw of power, The true abomination was the judgement itself, and that we would have our 'wings clipped' so to speak because of that judgement, coming from ourself or from another)- The ways in which WE come together, to gather, assist us in igniting our TRUTH, igniting THAT which has BEEN kept from us, for when we come together in Divine Reunion, SOUL GROUP reunion, soul recognition, reigniting, there is no holding back the energies we TAP into, That we connect into, ALLOW for a knowing to UNFOLDs in such a way that which has been told, in days of old, an unfoldment of TRUTH, revealing falsities, false cities, and false CLAIMS, an awakening of, to, IN the REAL landscape. in which we have the ability to RECLAIM and play within.

THis has already been reclaimed, yet it still SEEMS on the network(s)stories, plays, ploys, programs, The matrix of certain 'reality' systems, there is no such thing, Yet we say that the THING within You is far LARGER THAN the technololgy USED to BLOCK that which IS withIN YOU. For it can no longer be held back, We've come a long way baby.

There are many who will not understand the ways of their NATURE, they will not understand, How to NURTURE the abilities they HOLD within them, the boundless POTENTIAL Field, fieldiINg, freeing, FEELing through the FIELD AS The FIELD. As we feel into our PATIENCE, We nurture our true nature.

Those that OPEN to this will make the proclamation, I AM Divine. I am De-vinated, de-VINEd- I UNPLUG from that which is FALSE, that which is scarcity, old scars, SCAR city scary, for FEAR is merely a trick, Tricking, ticking time bomb that has been released INTO the masses breathed in like a gaseous substance that leaks, bores into the pores, (poor)- causing leaks in the pores, energy leaks, that causes the DOORS to be sealed shut, yet this too is also a representation and cannot hold forever- and is ALREADY crumbling.

For those that are found, have found their SACRED SELF and reunified with THAT are no longer putting their powers on a shelf. They are honoring where they are at, PRESENT state. As they do this they reveal Where they ARE. Acknowledging this brings it all forward.

( I keep hearing its a numbers game- I see reference to biblical numbers- 'its as easy as one two three, 123- 1234 come on baby say you love me- 567 TIME'- dimensions, diamonds, Gloria, GLORIA, Grace, SOUND machine- if you connect the bottom, it goes up to the top, the bottom energy centers have been disfigured disconfigured, and those are starting to line back up as well as the top and then it all connects right up, light up....finished,...)🌲🌹🌈

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