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Womb S P A C E

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

For the ancestors have spoken in many languages in the past and in the future will you listen for them in the present? For as they WELL UP within your own geometries, so to speak, we align with these frequencies that you also have dipped into, dipping pen into ink, tongue in cheek- open your heart to sync-up and in- for as you align yourself with your own symbolic technology, tec-KNOWledy, your own skinsuit technology, your own recipe, for ignition, your own recipe for speach pattern recognition, soul pattern recognition, creation, you will see feel hear the symbol- the symbology, the sounds that we speak OF, that we in tone nate, in tone innate, intonate- that we create within this frequency space domain-.... Laughter is the best frequency, for as we signal, sig-ni-phi- our heartfelt lauPHI-ter, tap INto the HEART the higher SIGNALS, the higher bandwidths, the higher receptors, receptacle**, recept-I-call, if you WILL, we access a higher POTENTIALITY, potent reality, our EQUATIONS** magnify our magnificence and as we TAP into the DIVINITY that WE ARE ALL sequentially** UN-sequencing, we invite you to tap into your deeper technology through your speech pattern recognition of the English we speak, so to speak, capacity for expression. For within your blood/bone/skin and beyond, you are layers of SO much more, for you look, lock into a deeper knowing, a deeper frame of reference that allows you to step back away from the old framework- that is in the process of falling apart. And as we remember there is more to this play, reality, complex than meets the eyes-the "I"-, than meets the band that has been playing in the background, we begin to recognize that there is more below the ground, back behind the screen- that has been projected in our reality. For in our reality, within our own conceptual-ity, within our own ability to conceptualize what it is we are creating, we expand into a new freedom, a new landscape, a new domain if you will, that has been, that is no longer that is not in a time- correspondence beyond time. We are accessing a space that has been in-accessible, in-axis- able, to our memory base before, we are remembering beyond the membrane, (barrier, brain) we are breaking through we are reactivating a deeper YOU-nification. For within this SOUNDSCAPE, we remember that there are MORE sounds, we forget someTIMEs that we have compounded sound Upon sound, uPON sound, and within these frequency enTANGLEmeant, (entanglement, tangle, tangled meanings)- there is the TRUe SOURCE sound, the true Source of ALL SOUND, we invite you to LISTEN TO THE SOUND WITHIN THE WOMB, within the womb of creation. It is available to ALL, who seek its SOURCE. Listen within. Allow it to EMBRACE you, to emBELLish what it is that you are creating, allow it to ENVELOP you in its, HER womb frequencies, for this is too within YOUR OWN WOMB- Allow yourself ROOM, S P A C E to grow in, to recognize your CAPACITY, capability, CAPE-ability, your capacity for kNOWledge, for remembering the TRUE KNOWing, knowINg. CarrieYvonne

**Note: meaning of receptacle; A container that holds items or matter. The expanded tip of a flower stalk or axis that bears the floral parts or the florets of the flower head. A fitting connected to a power supply and equipped to receive a plug.

**Equations: The state of being equal. A statement asserting the equality of two expressions, usually written as a linear array of symbols that are separated into left and right sides and joined by an equal sign.

phi- golden ratio

sequentially** UN-sequencing Reference to algarythms and I was drawn to:

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