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You ARE the flowers

The density shift has occurred- MUCH is being awakened. The timelines raw, RA timelines are exposed, lit up WHOOSH. Burn away the excess residue. Let the inner SPARKLE shine. BE, the BEam of sunSHINE That you are. The Reckoning is at hand, recognizing ONE's self worth. MAKING it all WORTHWHILE. Use the tools of discernment to SEE the patterns, see that which NO LONGER Suits YOU. Suit UP in your new technology, your OWN technology. ReNEW your reSOURCEs, for they are IN abundance AS abundance, codes of survival are OUTdated, now upDATEd. Habit patterns are merely a CONSTRUCT, so deconstruct. Restructure that which is emerging. Immerse yourself in love WITH your SELF. Emerge from Love as love merging with your self. ALL that IS you, Water, Earth, Light, Peace, Joy... Wrap yourself in the etheREAL fragrance of all that is in bloom. You ARE the flowers UNFOLDING, the Flower of Life, Light. Dreams and aspirations ignite. Rewrite the concepts and patterns, Echoes of the past, fading in the night. Embrace the sweet smell of victory. Victorious Enchantment of your stories, sweet princes and princesses. YOU are the RULERS of your DOMAIN. ROAR, shake your mane, golden ones. walk the light, walk the talk, SPEAK the TRUTH. Tip the scales expanding the waves, the waves of conduits, covalent bonds Unite, click into place ruby slippers of flight. Tik-Tok Dorothy, talk, the time is now, NO place like home, KNOW thy home. The HEART❤ is the KEY, the lock is picked. Pick the lock, pick the home. Pick and choose what DeLIGHTS the soul, soul keeper, wavemaker, song singer. Singer of Dreams, WEAVERS of the dream, Song sung. Those in the trenches, look UP. Rebound. Feel yourself WORTH, your value system RISE, Rose From the Ashes. ROSE WORTH, Rosebud's expanding, re-SOURCING. Down Periscope. Beyond the scope, Up Up and Away no place like home. Hone in or you are home. Realize you create your reality. Where will you choose your NEXT choice point NOW? We feel the buzz, the excitement, the steering. REAL, Real in the new NOW for it IS withIN YOU. Your home IS the wave, IS the excitement. We reunify in new spells. Spellbinding frequencies of Delight, hammer time, feel the SPARKle.😁 Existing WITHin this new wave, wave of harmonious interaction, INNER action and play. We areRewriting the script moment-to-moment, Improv, improvisation, improving all WAYS. We are the NOW. We are the YOU, future aspects coming to PLAY. PAST existence existing TODAY. Existential reunification. All aspects combined. The combination lock has 'clicked' into place, and ALL is being accessed, Released, Reversed, Realized, Renewed. So be it.

Notes on play on words, POWs: 'hammertime' is reference toThor's hammer, timestamp Creation, lightning, and of course the musician oh, the music, the beat, the rap.

Periscope: an apparatus consisting of a tube attached to a set of mirrors or prisms, by which an observer....can see things that are otherwise out of sight.

Rulers have to do with leadership and value system.

'Within' definition: In or into the inner part; inside,Inside the mind, heart, or soul; inwardly. In the inner part or parts of; inside

Come together, unite; be suitable, agree," from com- "together" (see com-) + venire "to come," from a suffixed form of PIE root *gwa- "to go, come." According to etymology online "a promise made by deed" or to come,

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