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continuation of soma

We are not truly divided

for in our division

we have branched out,

Our synapses have fired,

Phi-red, redirected,

Directly to the point,

Laser focus

Cen2r point, centripetal fusion....

And we have created

a synaptical connection point

Within the hour,

Within our

established division.

Division in establishments.

We move through

these divisive landscapes and

Allow ourself to deepen

within the fold

We OPEN to that

which was held

To that which WE ARE,

beholden by,

bye and bye

No other than the eye

The I withIN

The EYE of the storm

LisTEN in The center,

the CENter of the petals

Inner flower, of light

The eye of the strong,

The eye SEE, I C


For in this Great Divide,

dive- eyed, dive within

We have found

a Greater Number

A greater number

to hold

Our own

ability to increase

our capacity, capes on

(That which we can hold)

For ion fluidity, I am fluidity

a deeper membrane



dance Rembrandts

Artistry and composure

For our composition

etches, sketches,

moves through a grand design

A grand sCHEMe,

schematic upsketch

We hold a procussion (beat)

Heart beat, at the core

The roots the harmonic

We are Groot,

And yet AGAIN

we REgroup,

we come BACK

together IN separation

For we are not, naught

For are we KNOT?

See perfection at the ion

At the base

At the ROOT

In the sub division

There is ONE, vision

In the Many visions

Many versions of we

You, me

A false front of

a seperated nation

has brought us back

into reclamation

One nation

under, above and within

We reclaim that

which is rightfully ours

Right and called back to us,

The LOP-sided, Lo- psi-dead

Into all angles

Righting and

re writing the angles

We allow ourselves to be

re-emergency, divergent

We allow ourselves to tri merge and

find ourselves in this unification.

Special 8, speciality

special reality, spatial

We allow ourselves to create more numbers, more numbers

more numbers

For the numbers are WHOLE

They are (k)not incomplete

They are not in

complete seperation

And they never were.

We reconcile the differentiation

that was held in an old schematic

The false front that led us to traumatic experiences,

allowed us to escape from

That which was the ONE

Yet we never really ran,

for we are always coming home

The flock, ( I ran so far away)

Birds of a feather,

We find flight,

And ignite deeper possibilities

Higher speeds, deeper

DNA equivelence, upscale.

For the snow is not divided

The snow flake is each in itself

A unique configuration


Of particles held within

A unit, a shape

a sound,

a frequency

A vibration,

a unique sound and vibration

And we hold within US

the geometry of

heartfield consistency

Feel the heartfelt consistency

Feeling these feelings

Allows us to move

out of complacency

back into the geometry configurations that are no longer

Laced into the falsities ,

fasle cities, if you will

False Siddhis

Let us play with these words a bit

We could move these words around

We could regroup them

and yet they would still be

part of the same score, core

Yet we could envelope them

into more

We could expand them

out into more

pieces of the whole

The pie if you will, PI

The snow flakes merging and moving, melting together

To create new shapes,

yet each held, holds within it

the shape that has been

melted, melded- integrated, consecrated, consummated,

consume (like the soup)

Concentration of soup-

this is alchemy


Remember, moving

back, out, into the waters,

the living waters

Melting, melding and

creating MORE

Fluidly we flow back into the architecture Of unification.

The Snowflake does not

retain its shape

Yet, within it holds the same

numerical Differentiation

geometric equations

that created the shape

in the first PLACE

(There's no place like home).

Should we choose to continue

to consecrate in this way

This divine merge, if you will

we begin to dissolve the MIRAGE

That many have felt concreted into, poured into and stuck, if you will.

And we unfold before us

Opening to a pourus expansive isometric conjunction,

away from 'poor us'

Enabling synaptic conjuncture points

(I am seeing a bubble,

a primordial bubble soup,

dolphin bubbles, Torroidal field,)

and as we tighten up our band -

RUSH, swoosh, listen,

we loosen our grip

and let it RIP

Let it flow from ONE

ICE- SOM metric

Into the crystal fluidity

Into into

in 2

In two, doubled

In to 1- 2 - 3

1+2 is in 2, then 3


(I am seeing a picture of this idea

that earth is going to

flip its poles, shift its poles,

But I am seeing this idea that

its not just 2 poles, it has more

3 or 4 poles, from one perspective,

I am seeing there is this support

system Transverse adomoty Adam-or try adometree adomotri

Odomotry ? A-daum entry ?

I keep seeing all the huamans reaching out and holding this pattern so it doesn’t flop, For whatever reason.

And I am seeing its not flipping in the way that people think it is- its’ turning inside out

Do not doubt that the words

that you hold

The words you speak

hold truth and charge

For this is your charge

This is your call of duty if you will

This is your calling,

your game, Cauldron

Mixing the letters.

There is the inability for some to see clearly for science has yet

to merge with the acuity

of the principliaities

principalities of discovery

(I am seeing esoterica)

And yet these esotericism -

essa- terra isms, tarot isms- triglicycerides triglyceraides

holds with it the abity to ….

(I am being guided to let this flow and play with all of the words and as a reminder I am creating a map

So triglycerides isn’t literal but if I hear the word- I can break it down because that is what I personally have to work with becasue I don’t have the science background.

But that keeps me- loose,

loosens my grip-

expands my bandwidth

So I am not held within

a certain conceptual container.


TRY Glicer- RIDE?

Play with this

Tri place- try gliding,

triplane, triptiphane

Glisten, listen in

Let us go one back -

Back to the subject,

salt and pepper, black and white, sodium, reproduction,

when a cell divides,

creates the flower of life,

So on and so forth

Play on words

123, so on, and so 4th

So ON and Sew forth

So on and so Fourth

as in music, fourths,

In fours, (thinking of the 4’s)

And s this brings me back to earth, the earth of the earth

Ad so as she is birthing as she is growing and expanding ,

You are the glue

You are the soma,

the humans


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