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Fresh Mountain Share

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we speak words of strength and

peace at the same time

for PEACE can be STRONG

and we must from one

perspective from the larger

perspective stand IN

strength and unity

Stand inner peace

for our, cause is in effect, if you will

our cause is in effect and

affecting all of those around us.

What is is it that calls to us that

we find cause to stand up for?

And yet this Freedom,

that we seek

to stand up for

in United reverence

must come from

a place of reverence,

as we revere as we

Revel IN, reveal in,

the awe and beauty

of our own

INNER Light.

For only through LOVE

only through light -


softening the hard

The heart,

only through the TRUTH

of what IT is that we speak.

Only through the truth

in our speech ,

coming from the heart and

moving from THAT

Yet Out of’that’ (those)

Which wishes to start something

that is not in reverence to the

greater Divinity in ALL.


So we are being invited to

filter out the noise and come back into

the Stillness of our own voice,

our own inner voice

is our platform to stand on.

For when we stand up

IN the almighty, the ALL might T

cross the I, dot the T

All might WE

The one

the almighty Oneness

of Love Light, of appreciation,

of reverence

for the HIMAN life and soul light

that each of us carries.

IT, (we) carries a BOOM,

a MIGHT that ripples out

Ripples through the night,

ripples through the fight


at a greater speed

Shutter, tunneling through

the speed of light

Breaking the barriers of sound,

breaking through false barriers

that have been created

to distort the truth in all of us and



NOW moving as ONE



For within our living organism

we are a cellular matrix of Mycelium

we are a sound frequency

that is encapsulated within skin and

yet we are not bound

only to this platform.

We will not be pulled

apart at the seams,

(at the scenes and the seems),

and we will not tune, turn in two,

in to those

who are pulling apart our dreams

to create their own

for we are in our own dream and

it is time to clarify Phi to

unify, IN

inside, inside of ourselves,

inside of ourselves WITH Mother Earth,

with Gaia, with the human,

with the rainbow

frequency of light and sound

that we all are.

For many of us can see in the dark

and those that cannot,

seek to glean from our Spark

They make more noise,

they make more destructive sounds

than those that hold the unified projection

of One,

the unified dream of the sublime.

We move through

the subliminal messaging

that is blaring its horns at us,

all around us.

We move through in the subtlety

in all and we

reverberate in reverence,

in reverence for the dance

of life in unification

with the Brethren and sisters

in this life and all other lives,

in many lifetimes.


For NOW is

the time to break through

the Barriers of time,

to break through the congestion

to break through the looping patterns

that are seeking

to carry us into turmoil.

For we are the conductors.

We light the coil in the brain, stem.

WE are the ones

who carry forward this call.

In light, Carrie

together in Oneness let us transmit


frequencies of

bliss we do not speak of

ignorance we speak of a heart centered

Alchemy the True Divine Bliss charged

frequency that creates our Dream our

reality and allows us to smooth

out the mass quantities

of f fluctuations




chaos we heed the call of the

wind we feel the sounds of the forest

for in each of

us for rest rest in peace we come to a

bliss State

frequency that shifts the key shifts the

hierarchy for we are

arcing creating higher frequency

conduction that allows us to stabilize


bandwidths through

compassion through Divine Union through


and so it is we unify with the one true

Source we connect to our

birth our birthing

ground we ground as we birth in this new


can we listen and hear with the inner

ear and so it is


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