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Weave New Webs Light Spiders

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

I saw stars, spinning all around the web, starseeds. The web we weave FROM, In, within, see, not see, yet C, it spins and sets IN its ways, waves, strings. Its waves, our waves and geometries that allow us to ROOT in Branch OUT, cords, chords INTO the physical realities. Capturing moments, sending out, settINg vibration.

Sending out frequency setting a SPIN that allows us to sit, see, seed within, INSIDE the Stillness. We Start to FEEL the subtle vibrations that our movement, flow, voice, sound, thoughts, emotions, habits, patterns, communication, IN frequencies, SPIN out IN geometric, measured, shaped, equivalent sound matrices across our strings, our chords, our web, we-B of creation.

Yet within all of this lies the INFINITE connection to SOURCE, the web WITHIN the WEB, the womb, the genesis, GENEsis, of our creation, we are creating. WITH in, with IN, within deeper. And as we sit deeper, allowing ourselves to BE the depth, hold the space, ALLOW, the frequency IS and we become more coherent- more FLOWing less sticky, stuck in resin-ance, resistance- RESIN... reason.

Resonance IS coherence. Within, into COherent, cohear-ance, co-hearance, into, WITH, within the resonanCe, we change the nuances, (nuance-a subtle difference in or shade of meaning, expression, or sound), shades, color, new on scene, scene- viewed, in view.

All is seen , felt, from a new view, point of view- vantage point. We are the directional beacons, WE ARE THE LIGHT, pointing out the light, reflecting from within, the truth, in laser beam, RUBY frequency Beams of LIGHT, ready to expand, in expansion, expand-seen in a sea of infinite form, non conforming, Spiderlight, piezoelectric firelight.

Create the knew, new answers, KNOW NOW. We change the CHAIN, Brain, thought process, break the habitual chain, connect the light chain, chain reaction, string a NEW theory, kNOWn within. We set the SPIN to a new calibration a new geometry, GEO, NEO, matrix, cell equation, molecular stimulation, simulation, equating to, EQUALing, equalizing, equality, equal-reality, realizing, harmonizing to more of the TRUTH of what we ARE; mother spider, s-phi-d-er, spiraler, who's web comes from withIN, spun around, through cords, chords of light seen and unseen, unison, SUN.

Sing from the HEART, see from the heart, FEEL, freedom, free the chords, the chords will be HEARd, the choir, sound, will become IN acCHORDdance, spinning, dancing, singing, sitting within, moving within, a perfect spiraling- shaping, geometric frequency taking us OUT of DIScordance disharmony, untying the ropes, the chains of amnesia, AHIMSA, Ahimsa, do no harm. Ahhhhhimsa, DisHARMony is not possible when in COherence in/from the heart.

As we operate FROM this new, NUANCE frequency, string, stirring, spinning, geometry, Flow, bandwidth, color, Ray, vibration, shape, sOund, OM, coming HOME to ourSelves, Lighthouses, our Higher Selves, we fly within a new radar, Radar Love. Homing Inn SOUL, Solar Consciousness, Diamond dust Sparkles, reflecting from our web, from our WE B of consciousness.

Seize the Day, Daylight, sunlight, starlit, Solar, little Spiders for OUR, hour, WEb is Great. Our vibration, vibration nation is strong in our infinite song, and our infinite spirals are many , our harmonics connect as one magical web of frequency. Carpe Diem, carpe diamonds, Our DIAMONDS sparkle ON, speak to ONE another in our soul HEART seeds, Solar starSEEd brothers and sisters.

Light up light up, spin, use your voice, voICe, use your flow, KNOW, use your movement create your space, our space, ignite, alchemize, pull the strings. Inhale, exhale, the pendulum is swinging, singing- inhale, exhale, has swung- the string connects, stirring, stirrINg, the flow has begun and is in full swing. UPscale the harmonics in this web. BE still and flow, Create! AHO!


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