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Clarity Wordplay

and the clairty, claire a key, clear IT, clear a T, washes over me, through me if I allow an essence, I am of, the TAO- in the now, An undulation, an undulating flow, an indent an indentation a dimple so to speak, a question mark, an answer, bubbles within to what I seek for I am the seeker, and the knower. I hold many answers within as I redefine, defi, de phi ne find new framework- within, which to word my questions, to view from a different angle. To diffuse confusion, to converse WITH my in bound angles, bound angles open, unbind, axis access points of configuration, a melting pot of alchemical views, resting points, connection to the ancestors, confucious, fuscia color, lights the dark, reignites the spark speeds up the clock the tic toc, talk of the heart beat in a alcadium, circadium, rythmn, inner drum, a counter measure, singing through my blood For I am the phase, the phase light as I write and rewrite this phase, as I write this phrase, this phase of my life, changing and shifting, propulsion, dimension, all speed, read into the deeper overlay, diamond fuel, pulsing rocking ahead, rocketing up out and through, the kundalini express, expression at a fuller content, no contest, no contention, the winner take all, frost, winter, snow angels, snow, a little dab'l do you)- when er, whin, win nertia, w-inertia, transcripts, winner take all- transcript, transcriptions pour trhough, vapoure-ized, vaporized, realized, V A poriized, paperized, expressed pulled up from the recess, recesses deep within. HOT PINK, pen in ink, fuscia, fusion, innner blood transfusion, transcription, dippinng in again to the dimple in the cup- the cup that runneth.

For there is no hierarchy, at this IN-bound angle, at this juxtoposition, at this angle, rect tangle- untangled errect, standing tall, I see within the PEARL-y gates, of hyperconductivity, hyperbole, hyperconnectivity, all activity IS me, presenting a cascade, A tune, of attunement, at one ment, at THIS moment Moment in motion, stillness Oneness with my Maker, mARKer, hallmark, the many halls- deck the halls. Glory to the Highest, call to the highest, call in all markers, ALL IN, for this mARKS a turning point, a dialectricsm, dielectric, catalclysmic turning point of size, sizeMIC seismic activity , undercurrents rippling through my SOUND barriers, another diversion is averted, inversion is deleted, dilluted, convuluted, as I reset the button, lock, phase, flip the switch, marker ONE, on mark, THERE is now, there is now, only now. HERE it is, the freedom of the spell has been cast. Aho, aha, ahhhhh- om. AMAZING, and now I see, amaZING grace is withIN me, as I fly through the WIN DOW- of time, of now , of G R A C E, I ERASE these parts, pieces, unORGONized markers that hold space, take up space, precious energy, let go- release, unbind, we are free. 🌈Carrieyvonne

Part 2, Wordplay! Yay!❤

catalclysmic a deluge, a flood," originally especially "Noah's flood," 1630s, from French cataclysme (16c.), from Latin cataclysmos or directly from Greek kataklysmos "deluge, flood, inundation," from kataklyzein "to deluge," from kata "down" (see cata-) + klyzein "to wash," from PIE *kleue- "to wash, clean" (see cloaca).

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