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There is much to be said

for the new energies moving,

flowing in.

They allow an expansion/ expands-

Range of motion, an expansive ex-X, foliation exfoliation-

of what is no longer needed, no longer X-cepted,

no longer acceptable- for the new revolution, revelealation-

revealing unveiling, To reveal elation.

As we allow these new dreamscapes to exist

as our new reality, as we ALLOW these potentials to unfold,

There is a new spectrum, A broadband spectrum,

A broad wave of expansiveness allowing the unfolding process,

re-assess that which no longer suits, Fits, feels right,

There is much aligning , a lighting up- lightning,

Exchange of information, IN formation in your field,

Express that which excites you, ignites you,

delights you, FREES you-

free up the processes that STRESS that push,

And pull AWAY from your TRUTH

Your true value systems,

What you truly value, heart-metric

heart centered arithmetic Adding up,

delighting up the brainwaves, the heart brain CURRENCY

The spectral opening in the mechanics

of intercellular activity remembering,

Re-meme-brain, what truly lights your Soul

Soulwave, shock fire-

allow the flight to breeze through you,

Allow the light to uplift you, Peter Pan, childlike wonder

As you sit with these codes, extravagant,

extra-violet, wonder s of delight

Hear the flight patterns, the spell ending flight sequencing XYZ-see,

sing, flow, allow, follow the stream.

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