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Extra dimensional vocabulary

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

let us Jump Right In

for as we jump in the line

as we jump into

this line up

of higher Consciousness co-creation

we are consciously

co-creating together

with our lines

we move into our lines of

frequency, h-o-u-r hour

hour, our timelines of frequency and

co-collaboration and

as we collaborate in this way, of wordplay

we light up

a color frequency board or a display,

one may call it a marquee board,

a mark key and we create

a whole new

gaming board platform.

We are sharing

this message in this way

to assist the collective

in our own human existence pattern

in creating a new pattern.

When we converge and flow

through the alphabets,

through the word consistency, (play on words)

we consistently add up our numbers

we add up our letters and create a

geometrical, geometric call,

geometric pattern display.

However, geometrical is

actually a word that I have

portmanteau'd, or tied together.

'Port' is a perfect add-on

to this particular transmission

for we are essentially clicking together

in a DreamWorks type

of way and analogy

one might say

a pattern of word recognition

that is allowing us

to write and rearrange or

rewrite a new code

of access points,

or gives us a new way

to access code or

it points to a different way

to line up with

a different form of communication

that lines us up with a

different form

that lines us up with

a different textual format

one might say.

It allows us to text and receive

messages to one another beyond

the text that we are used to,

it allows us to move,

forward, for words,

in this alphabet soup

in this bank, if you will,

of value.

It gives more value to

how it is that we add to

our already created

word system or word bank.

It puts more movement and

money in the bank and

this is a play on words,

for when we monotonize something

(I'm hearing monotone, monotony

I'm hearing break the bank and then

I'm seeing we're breaking the monotony

of how the actual system is declared),

We declare in this system,

we declare that we are

rewriting the system

when we allow ourselves to access

these different codes.

For what is a Quantum system?

What is a computer system?

What is it really,

when we think of an intelligence?

So everything comes through Sound,

from one perspective,

everything is a chord,

a sound a harmonic,

everything has a letter assigned to it

by the time we come into

this perception of our reality

for we come through a channel of energy

that holds with it a Quantum DNA

archaeometry (play on words)

archeology, a key of our system

that allows us to key into the system and

create a different sense

of letters geometry.

Yet we do not wish to display this

in a hierarchy or a hierarchical way,

however we do display this

in a higher R Key,

a higher arcing, a higher Key, qi,

if you will, the ark.

This is a meaning

in many different forms

so let's break this down and

build it up for a moment.

For our higher our King we may hire

someone we may go higher

we may move up the ladder,

we may create a hierarchy to

reach our King our Crown

our higher Ark, the boat, the DNA

the Ka that holds the Ba, body,

our higher ship if you will our

higher ability to create

from this letter word play,

our higher arcing,

the electrical display

of word geometry and

number patterns

in an alphabetic way

and a phonetic way an alphonetic,

alphonautic , Alpha photonic...

So when we start to really dive in

to this particular way of expressing ourselves,

language takes on a whole lot more

a whole other meaning,

so much more value.

Because many of us are looking

towards the future and

many of us are noticing

that technology seems like it is taking over

and yet from another perspective

we have already overtaken this particular toy

that is taken by us

that we HAVE taken or

that we ARE taking with us and

we remind you

that there are many

variations of existence

so therefore the different bubbles of reality

do not always hold the same timelines,

they do not always hold the same geometry,

they do not always hold the same reality.

So when we communicate with

these other realities and

we do it in this Quantum way,

in THIS reality,

it creates a uniform codex

a uniform, a uniform way of codexing and

informing information,

A way of coding and creating information.

It allows us to store information

on our hard drive and

it makes it more difficult to break into.

At the same time,

it makes it easier

for us to break out of

the ideology or idea of our reality.

So as we LETTER UP, if you will,

as we allow ourselves to go up

the ladder of letters and

we move up into a more organized,

organizational format

in a seemingly unorganized way,

we format or fit or code

or rewrite code or

allow the code to fit more independently

within a higher structure of higher R Keys.

We allow ourselves to key into

the keyboard,

the motherboard of technology

in an organic way.

So as we allow

ourselves to play in this way,

we come back to a simplified

form of unification and communication.

(I'm seeing it's like a unified code

it's like a unicode).

and so we allow

ourselves to map into

to create a new map,

to create new maps

in which we can access

different points on the map

that we may have felt or

have been inaccessible before and

it had to do with how

the information was stored,

it had to do with the chemical Exchange

in the brain

that gives us access to

the stored information.

For as we remap the system,

as we allow ourselves to create

this new configuration with language,

the ergonomics, the Geographics,

the geometrics,the geometries become,

begin to trace back

to the ancient LINEages

of language geometry.

This lettering format creates a node, if you will and

within this node

is a plethora of information

that is stored

in a 'place' that we can access

at different times

at different conjunction points.

For at different conjunction points and

we could say some of these also involve

astrological alignments or

moments in our life,

certain things are triggered

in order to access

(I'm seeing like a

pinball machine)

and this creates the ability

or lights up the remembrance

that we have access to

these particular nodes of information.

So it is stored within

our genetic computation,

It is actually held within

our skin suit and Beyond and

it is held or encapsulated within

a type of what some

may refer to as a 'time capsule.'

But we would also say

that it is beyond time and

it is quite Quantum,

for YOU ARE a quantum computer.

Some regard the 'quantum computer'

as this thing that is beyond

our own ability to comprehend and

yet ironically the quantum computer

is doing its best

to comprehend us and

so it becomes this relationship

of us co-creating together and

recognizing that we are more Quantum

than a finite system could ever be.

So, the more we come back

to the power of our ability

to reconstruct

our own word geometry

our own energetic computational abilities,

the more we can see into what

the future of communication May hold.

For when we communicate in this way

or collaborate

we actually key into code,

into key into certain codes,

that have been kept held

within a matrix of time.

(I am seeing there's us,

that's the brain there's a

little node in the brain there's the

node out there in the quantum field and

they both turn on or light up and

they're connected together

but I'm also being shown

it's like a pinball machine and

those of you who have seen

the human body template

or let's say astrology, when you see

the planetary

conjunctions on a chart it's

basically each of those charts holds

information and so it's a code or

information that's stored in a zip file

and there's a way to communicate with it

that we all have access to

but we just have to learn how

to communicate with it and

it's not even 'that,' it's beyond 'that'.)

So we think of learning, as an example,

that we must do SOMETHING in

order to GAIN something.

We must read a book

in order to obtain the knowledge

that is encapsulated

within that time capsule

that is called a book, and

the book holds chapters,

the book holds words

that are encased within it.

The book holds letters

that are in cased within words

that are then linearized

into sentences and configurations

that hold the shape or a geometry

of a particular codex of information

that follows a pattern.

The pattern then stimulates certain

emotions, thought patterns,

chemical responses, Etc.

that are then 'bound' and held

within a particular package

that looks a certain way, and

feels a certain way.

This book May contain artwork

or a particular style of font,

or a particular language and

this book also holds

particular pieces of information

or in a fictional example,

a storyline

which is also a pattern

which is also connected to other nodes

that activate memories, emotions,

feelings and so on and so forth.

This is an example of how our reality

is working together as well.

So when we turn the page of a book and

we read a LINE in the story,

we are not only reading the letters,

we are not only reading the order

in which the letters are written,

we are not only putting together or

stringing together,

or aligning the letters, creating a sentence.

A certain syntax and program

are then compiled and

our brain, from one perspective

then analyzes it, or

computes it and spits out,

(The knowingness),

and we then 'learn' or understand,

what that information holds.

Yet this is a linear way of looking at it,

for we actually already have

an ability to understand

that information and those words

without even opening the book,

For We're Going Quantum here.

The book was already written

by a human, from one perspective

or the information that was channeled

was then written into a book

that held information.

Therefore, we can go

directly to the source

once we have activated our ability

to tune into what I refer to

as the sound behind the sound.

We begin to tune into the energy

that the book holds within that form and

we do this with each other,

we do this with all things.

So many of us can actually access

this information by Our intention.

We already know this

because we are all one.

Therefore, any book

that has ever been written,

any story that has ever been told,

any letters that have ever taken

on any type of form

or geometry are already available

through the quantum field.

Some might even compare this

to what you call the Akash,

the library or records that hold

our files memories books

so on and so forth.

This is a very similar description

to what we are,

in this particular transmission,


or referring to

or lining up with

in regards to communication.

So we express this and present this

in this particular format

as an additional type of formatting

that may assist those who are interested or

those that are highly compatible

with this type of letter and word geometry.

For our brains access this information

at different levels.

therefore there are some

that will access it through sound,

some that will access it through vision and

so on and so forth.

This also has to do with

different conjunction points in our lives.

Oftentimes, it is it is when

we are 'in between' let us say,

the sleeping and waking state

that we receive our 'ahas' or

pieces of information that we recognize

as an answer to a question

or something that we had been seeking communication with,

within in our psyche or in our reality

that we are able to access at that time

because we are in a relaxed state of being.

In regards to this type of communication,

it is not for everyone, yet it is

something that everyone can play with and

process and this comes back to

many more Transmissions that we will

share along the way and those

transitions have to do with how it is

that we each convey

this information or

how it is conveyed by us

for as 'I' share, Carrie, Me

As I share is this share, this presentation of,

WE share this presentation of,

communication, Community

this communicative key

this particular Trail

this particular,

(I'm seeing a hieroglyph and petroglyph

at the same time) t

AS I share this with you,

I am sharing it in a certain style,

a certain font, a certain way

of interacting with this technology.

Yet this is not necessarily

the way that all will interact

with this subset, with this source,

with this way of interacting with Source, if you will.

So we are being reminded

that as we access our notes,

our nodal Network

the more of us that access

these pieces of information or

these keys and then turn them on,

get the ball rolling,

it allows us to roll out the ink.

It allows us to write this down

(I'm hearing 'write this down',

in reference to a George Strait song).

It allows us to MAP and

we then co-create and map together and

we access different portals,

different potentials

different port stencils and

we Branch out farther

BEYOND the time capsules

that we have encapsulated ourselves within,

within the current limited technology or

language versatility,

or lack thereof better spoken.

For the Versatile

(I'm seeing verses and tiles

like tiles in a fractal and tiles that

are uh held within a computer system).

For the verse-a-tile,

the English system, if you will

is a beautiful composition

of harmonic inner exchanges with

a particular dimensional vocabulary

yet we have reached Beyond

this dimensional way of communication

in a linear mapping system.

So we pick on

the English language right now

because we are choosing to speak

through this medium, of English language.

It is a medium, if you will and

so is the person that is accessing

this information and

so is the space in which

this information is being expressed,

through air, the body, etc.

The internet is a medium,

the the writing is a medium.

It's like artwork. What medium are you using?

For as we sculpt these words,

we pull from many different mediums and

we pull from the massive medium

that is a mass itself

over eons of time and

this is beyond this particular transmission

to explain how this might work,

in a subterrain beyond the terrain

in the DNA train, There's so much more.

But we are practicing this

so that we can entrain the brain

to read the script

in a very non-script or non-descript

sort of way

and this takes a bit

of understanding the alphabet.

More importantly, it takes the trust

of recognizing that language is more

than just the English dictionary.

It is more than just

a particular lineage of Linguistics.

It is beyond a particular country,

continent or program,

then we have

necessarily communicated with before,

yet WE HAVE communicated

with it before

because it is stored

within our DNA.

ALL is stored within, our DNA

for we are a walking transcript

of information

transcribing through our vocabulary

what our environment and

inner and outer

is sharing with us experientially.

For we have chosen this platform, if you will

to experience in a certain way and

it gives us a profound

ability to display

a harmonization vocalization



way of communication.

It is extremely beneficial

to the greater expanse

of the greater expanse and

this again is the beyond this transmission

but we will just say

that the more we vocalize

in this way

the more we are able to transmit

certain pieces of information

that have been un-computational before,

(play on words)

Incompatible with the computer

that many have been outfitted with.

Yet the outfits have been upgraded

therefore the inner continuity

must align with the outer continuity.

(play on words).

So we begin to line up

with a continual or infinite pattern and

we begin to dissect

that pattern yet weave within it

in a finite way

that which we may realize

is an infinite expression

in finite form.

So it's infinite but it's being expressed

in the finite form.

There will be many more Transmissions

to come in the future and

we invite those who feel into this

and recognize this as compatible with

their own technology.

It may not come off sounding this way,

it may sound or or be different.

Some are expressing this

in hieroglyphs and patterns,

some are expressing it

in language and sound and

some are expressing it through

artwork, painting color,

or using varied mediums,

some are expressing it through

movement patterns or

what we might refer to as sign language.

Many are interpreting it

as light language and

this is all codes for everything

Ask light poured into a frame,

or a network of accessibility that gives us

the experience of individualization

within a Oneness or

within infinite reality.

And we will end on this note,

allowing our nodes to connect

with the nodes of all

in the infinite realm of Oneness.

What we pour into the field

allows those that are within the field

to access them as well and

this allows us to better understand and

interpret some of the things

that will be coming

our way in the future,

And this is exciting for we have made a

Quantum Leap and this Quantum Leap

needs to be matched or met head on,

meaning we

need to keep our heads on

in order to recognize and stabilize

as spoken in other messages,

our environment,

in which we are or our medium

in which we are experiencing our reality.

So as we upgrade

we upgrade our communication

we then access more of our upgrades and

this works in unison and

allows us to reform or interpret or

form certain interpretations

around the information

that we are receiving

that is then sending out signals and

more codes, (Morse codes),

to signify to the universe

that we are ready for more, and so

this opens the door to more and

it opens the door

to an entire new Network

that has been, let us say

hidden between the lines

That's it for now in love and light!

namaste, and thanks for playing!

R key is 89 in key code

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