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hEARTH Spindle Codes

Sitting withIN this CASCADE of harmonic, crush and brew, there is a nonlinear alchemy taking PLACE, filling a void, a GAP, if you will, a convergence, MERGING, emergence,E-merge-ence, emergece- see is ALL happening at the SAME TIME encompassing, a certain level of free-dom DOMAIN, The creative of Source understanding is GROWing as is Source ITself, Its-EL-f, HERself, SURGE, self, a conduit conductor mainframe has been activated. A key chord, harmonic forbearance, (GRACE) set withIN the stone, of the EARTH, are Key component energy signatures, hearTH, heart, fragmented pieces of gene KEYS, so to speak, That have been HARNESSED in the past for rewiring, REROUTING, a standard 'control' system, however, this system has taken a turn, a turn style, a tactile opening has shifted the capabilities for harnessing this (happen stance), Earth, HEARTH signature compound. The opening in the CENTER so to speak, has opened a bubble, a time ward, warp*

We try to pull in these mesmRIZING- mes-mories, MEMORIES RISING, so that the words may accumulate in a more linguistical PLAY, display approach, (happen stance, happy dance- no two tools are alike, time stamped requirements). Let us continue to SPIN.

Let us create with the spin (your human aspect would prefer a simpler approach cut and dry, but that is not WHY you have chosen to write SCRIPT, in the style, to write in this caliber, CALIBRATION, for in the linguistical play you CHARGE, chart, chart a COURSE, in new territory, in a new linguistical CALIBRE- play So let us continue with the spin, SPINdle in the Earth- 🌍

we invite you to see the Earth as a BODY, as YOU would view YOU. She HOLDS withIN her key components ON the stone, IN the Stony Points, the settings in the CLAY, Key compounds, that light the way for many 'LOST souls' LOCKED in the grains, so to speak, (tera, tara, terra)- terracotta, caught

ahh... the Territory IS the GAP. Terra, tara-tory, TARA STORY All SQUEEZED in the sub-service subsurface of the Earth's texture, WOUND WITHIN, so to speak, spindles of phires, sphires, SAPPHIRES, long ago set, (free, to burn)-

yet this is no longer required as the Earth's CRUST has hardened, bound in FORM to lock and KEY, in different components,compounds, compositions,compounding, keying UP to different PLACE MARKERS, (in time, on a map, mapp)- These places TOOK place of the natural waves and rythmns for a temp-orary time in place, space, holding space- holding HER in place in space. This is no longer the case, case and point of VIEW, for Her sights are SET on a higher view, a rewind MISSION of sorts, a gravitational pull, pole, pole field, furnace, furn-it UR, fern- furn- fern ACE

Let us shift perspectives, (dominoes, I am seeing)- A new ROLL of the dIce, a new focal POINT, dominion- A new slice of the pi, Phi- A round equation- A symmetry rebirthed for in this birthing, a Y birth, wide, Y D (yess)- an abstract construction is birthed- fueled , do you see how everything is a reflection? (I am seeing construction as many meanings including our own construction, construct of the imagination, constrictiin lifted),

The 'waters' are being tested for maximum efficiency. The holding pattern has been LIT, its a match. A subatomic particle reduction has taken place, concock-tion, conctions, a counter spin has been required, established and phase locked, (conjegation)- a requirement for yet another harmonic convergence, full swing scale (a head)- I am hearing (ride capatin ride)

Settle back into the landscape, sink (your teeth)- your LIGHT into your EARTHBOUND pleasures, the SUN, the SAND, the SONG and the DANCE, for the conVERGEnce IS at hand.

there is no better moment than THE NOW to remember who you TRULY are- WHY you exist in this time BOUND CREATION- Establishing memories and light exchange INFORMATION.

Our circuitry is reestablishing FULL connection to the TRUE MOTHER board- A holding pattern of truth, a home coming BEACON, coming Home beckoning to the WAY we were, the TRUTH STAMP, value system, symmetry Divine.

A tall order has been sent in a RUSH so to speak- has been FILLED, information is flooding the senses and a push pull is BEING FELT in the now, a COMPRESSION of sorts TO-GATHER, the senses, a new framework- OF expansiveness, expression expansive compression, a gathering, OMNIPRESENT, expression, an unfolding flame, gathering its resources, a quantinium- quantrivium

This can create different 'feelings, are we in RESTRICTION, resistance, or ACCEPTANCE and expansion, an opening for a catalyst a flame of change, a flutter in the HEART, wings expand- wide, outstretched, expanded, opening to flight, inner alchemy delight- Reborn in LIGHT, BATHED in it so to speak, the land of milk and honey, CHURNING in a new consistency.

Kali-cauliflower,** call in the flower for the seeds have sprouted, suns and daughters, SUNSTARS, strike the FLAME. You have met your MATCH- and match-ed frequencies, allow the doct-RUNES to roll off your tongue and cheek, IN time- for now IS the time, of the meek, Yet do not be meek in what it is you seek- SPEAK- in the name of the ONE, ALL that IS now- go deeper in the vocabulary, for meek has been mis-pronounced- PRONOUN-ced, misperceived, so to speak- Break the mold, be BOLD, as you HOLD SPACE, house hold- Royal FLUSH, your house IS the bold, Gold- Rush GRACE, Holding space in the heart- heart of gold, fountain of Grace- fountain of YOU-nification, ONE- Let us flow back into flow- the CALL TO FLOWER, the called- those who would have heard the call, Listen, call of the wild, will HOUR will be done? maneuvering into position, the sun has risen house of the risen SUN core transfusion, trance-fusion, bold finish, bold fusion, For confusion IS conned out of 'fusion' fusion in the blood.

**notes: Pronouns have traditionally been regarded as one of the parts of speech, but some modern theorists would not consider them to form a single class, in view of the variety of functions they perform cross-linguistically. An example of a pronoun is "you", which is both plural and singular.

"go deeper in the vocabulary, for meek has been mis-pronounced-" Meek backwards

A noun (from Latin nōmen, literally 'name')[1] is a word that functions as the name of a specific object or set of objects, such as living creatures, places, actions, qualities, states of existence, or ideas.[2][note 1] However, noun is not a semantic category, so that it cannot be characterized in terms of its meaning a pronoun (abbreviated pro) is a word that substitutes for a noun or noun phrase. It is a particular case of a pro-form.

*(I am hearing lets do the time warp again)- I am seeing a needle in the haystack, and a needle as a thermometer)- Pow encompassing

Note: I was drawing symbols on notes, and from a dream i had, I was seeing a pentagon, inside 2 crystals that point up to the top of the pentagon, like an arrow, or triangle without the bottom- a circle in the center of the arrows, and an infinity sign above the top of the arrow or upper triangle-

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