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Increasing our charge & fluidity

INcreasing our charge

And so as we allow ourselves to flow into

this new energetic relationship

With our environment

With our surroundings

As we allow oursleves to fluidly move through andj

within the surroundings,

we begin to feel into the complexity and beautiful simplicity

at the same time! Of our reality

We begin to interact with our reality in a specific way

(As I say specific I hear pacific,

which leads me to ocean and region of the Earth)

This energy that is l around us is like the ocean and

we are fluidly interacting with the anther, the air the water,

with the biofield

And as we allow ourselves to move in

this symbiotic, fluid like way

We begin to open up to what it is the universe has to say

Or better spoken we begin to

open more to what it is that WE have to say

That is in a deeper or more pure alignment

with our own soul signature

With our own  signature and frequency

that essentially

makes us who we are

Or spoken differently

It makes us more of THAT which it is

that we wish to sync up WITH

And this is a play on words

for we are never really coming into sync

One might say with anyTHING

We might be syncing into a deeper understanding,

or energetic balance with the font, the signature

of our true innner flame, our true inner spark

That which flames or feeds

our true inner spark.

And each of us have a different resonance from one perspective

From an individual and unique

perspective of collective

Or collective of perspectives

We could play with this a bit

for we are really being encouraged right now

to find our signature

Amidst this sea or ocean of other signatures.

And we can find ourselves,

when we are not centered

When we do not know what it is that lights our fire

We can get lost in the flames of the collective

We can get lost in the flames

of the schmorgeshboard of other peoples directives

Of other peoples sound and

so we are consistently being invited

to tune innto our own sound

To tune into what is it that we resound,

resonate with, what it is it that we listen to?

Where are we listening from?

This is a play on words

What we are tuning into

is tuning into us

in our environment and our field

from an energetic perspective

And we are being called to get more into

this alignment of heart centered frequency

When we are centered, there may be a lot of noise

going on around us, and even inside of us,

But we can find our own inner statement

Our own innner mission statement

We begin to speak from THAT

home based frequency

(There’s no place like home)

So we hone in on the frequency that WE wish to transmit

Rather than honing in on all of the transmissions and

frequencies and transmissions

That are being transmitted AT us,

We then begin, to become the resource

that is transmitting the inner frequency of coherence,

Affection, compassion, appreciation and gratitude, and

this tunes OUT the other frequencies

We become the tuning fork and waves

Waves counteract eachother

(there are all these waves coming in and

coming at us from other peoples signals,

we could call it static, or signal intererference,

but we counter those waves

by us coming back into attunement

with our deep resonance and frequency

When we are in these places of grattitude

when we are in these places of appreciation,

We may not be in a place of complete and

total balance and harmony

At all times, but we can consistently come back

to the place and frequency of appreciation and gratitude.

We all appreciate and are grateful for something

To help us hone into our own inner balance

And counter balance,

So we might get pushed off course or pulled off course

By everything that is going on around us.

But the more we come back to a consistent place

of who we are and what it is that we are

or what our intention is,

the harder it is to pull us off the ‘scale’

Play on words-

What we are measuring up to,

the harder it is to pull us into a different sound,

harmony, vibration, and off balance-

out of our own value and into someone else’s.

Its’ harder to pull us off the scale

of music we are composing,

creating and symphoneticlly co-creating and

saying through our words through our actions and thoughts

So if enough of us are doing this

it counters out the noise and cancels it out

(I am being shown noise canceling hedhphones)

It’s a little bit  like- whoever is holding their frequency

more consistently

THAT is the sound that ends up carrying longer-

like th long wave and ends up

‘Ploughing through’ the other waves

It breaks up the other already scattered and

dis coherent signals that are all around us

That have been creating discord and disharmony.

There is a lot of discord and discord and

disharmony going on not only in this field

that we are all in

This ocean of electricity and electrically

charged particles and waves,

This ocean of sound, and chemicals, etc

However, the more of us that are creating

this unified field of heartfelt coherence

Of intuitive interaction, (synchronicity also)

Of connecting in with this ocean-

like whales harmonizing and we begin to stimulate

Our own inner pattern and

we then break up the patterns of disharmony.

Playing with language and dialect

can help us dial up and get

out of conformity and a box

Utilizing Our own voice, box.

Many of us are realizing we don’t want to be held back

or held down or labeled or boxed into

any type or shape that no longer fits who it is

that we are, or who it is that we truly wish express.

Some of the things we ‘think’

are important we are beginning to recognize

they don’t hold the same magnetism

or electrical charge for us

Electrical spark.

So the more we can streamline and simplify and

get back to the basics

The longer our charge becomes

Longwave vs shortwave, versus unorganized waves

that don’t travel as far and are not as cohesive

And charge as in power, moving ahead, moving forward and

increasing our own inner power

This comes FROM US

Using our own inner resource and mechanisms of breath

Grounding, movement, creativity

Coherent thought patterns

Acknowledging how we feel, when we feel,

what it is that we are feeling

And recognizing it coming back to the place of gratitude.

Gratitude, Even for the realization

of what we are feeling in that moment.

For when we don’t acknowledge

what we are moving though

What we are working towards,

what we have faced in the past

(Looking back, seeing our past version of our face,

looking at multiple directions,

facing our past and our future in the now)

How far we have come

These are important steps in the building blacks of what matters

That is a play on words,

The building blacks of our creation,

Of our reality, the reality of who we are now

These are important steps in solidifying

our right to be here

Our root chakra-

Stabilizing our root,

The Platonic solids are all of these shapes

that stack and build on one another

that move into more advanced shapes

And we begin to simplify and solidly

what is important for us to build and build on

We start to feel and focus and

get centered on what really MATTERS

That is how are are coming together and

creating our new realty.

That’s how we are combining our frequencies

I am seeing these Platonic solids moving around

And reshaping and reorganizing into new structures and

new patterns that are actually unique

To this new realty.

Therefore they are unique in this experience

OF this new reality.

Therefore HOW we experience this new realty

Is a direct reflection

It is reflecting back to us.

Doing our ‘best’ isn’t necessarily always going to be Easy

To use our inner resources

This will stabilize, so to speak,

the ‘outer’ resources.

This will then reflect back to us, new ways,

Creative ways, in which to abundify- (identify abundance

Identify with abundance, feel abundant, peace)

Abundiphi- the golden rule,

This has to do with resources,

When we recognize we have

everything within us that we need

In order to feel a certain way, such as grateful,

Appreciation, for our family, our bodies,

Mother Earth, Our pets, our jobs,

whatever we are feeling appreciation for

That creates a shape, a sound, a wave,

a thought pattern, that ripples out into the field

And is then reflected back to us

THROUGH matter,

people places and things,

Synchronicities, (other forms of matter)

And it becomes an exchange.

It becomes an interaction between ourselves,

Our own inner resource then brings back to us

or magnifies, Back to us MORE of that pattern.

This doesn’t mean if we have

something that seems negative in our lives

We are doing something ‘wrong’

It is important to recognize

what we are experiencing

that may feel negative at the time

Or that may be uncomfortable and

Can be helpful sometimes to ask where can I find

gratitude or appreciation in this circumstance

Compassion for myself,

so I can move through this as gracefully as possible

It may just be feeling gratitude

for feeling anything at all- or having feelings.

We may be feeling wiped out sad, depressed ,

but cutting ourselves some slack is important.

When we have this tight line and

We are not giving ourselves any room to breath

It constricts and constrains our expansion or

ability to expand- inhale, to feel, to

Let go, exhale

We often feel we have to be perfect

in order to reap the rewards of life or having a higher vibration

But part of the human experience

is recognizing the oscillations in the wave

so we can find balance in all of it.

It is not necessarily always going to be a high

It is valuable to recognize

we are not always going to feel capable

of staying harmonized and balanced all the time.

Yet, The more consistently we come BACK to it

the more we can follow that pattern and

recognize our own resource

And this stabilizes our field

so we are not pulled into so many different directions.

Allowing ourselves to be fluid, stretch and

explore our imagination

Not being so set or rigid

about how our reality should be looking

Rather feeling into a fluid structure.

Sometimes things can be and seem very complicated

And too, sometimes when we just take a deep breath and

allow ourselves to be shown what it is that we may be missing

Feel what it is that we may have been avoiding

Have conversations that may need to be had,

We begin to let go and trust, in the flow

not only in ourselves, but also our fellow

brothers and sisters

who are also gong thought many things

As we have this individual experience,

collectively here on planet Earth.


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