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Lion's Diamond, I'm in LOVE

As we are in these upSWING of energies, INNER-gies-G- heart felt, heart sharing frequencies. Multi-dimensional, diamond diamond-SUN IN ALL, Diamond stream, song, Song Sun Blue, Sweeping Aurora, Weeping Willow, we ALLOW, bend, sweep, branches of connectedness, in perfect conversion

Catalyst, CAT ALL ISt, frequencies of co-creation in alignment with the Lion's gate, LION UP- In aLIONment, ALLYionment, ALL- LIONs, Alionment, Catseye flow, frequency- surgency, surging, springing forth, springboarding, SING, Silver springs- PING! cat-eyed configuration, cat's eye KRYSTal, crystALL- ruby star sapphire, fire. RAising, RAYsing, RISING, in collaboration, celebration, celebr8ion- we are ONE with the unity rings, of harmony. Rejoice, starseeds, LION on, Lean on... WE - for we carry ON~ . Multidimensional we GO- RRRRRRow, arrow AHO! And so, we sew, reward, row merrily, merri-ley, Marrying, lining up. Leying into the next dream, from this reALLity, dreamality-uniifying with all that we are, ARRR- Purrrrrfection, perfection, as We allow ourselves to BE the conductors of frequency.

The friends to all, of ALL, answering the call, call of the wild, WILL, of perfection, the kings and queens, LION king, ha ku na ma ta ta, haiku of spells, casting NETS, of star filled D Light currents, up the spine, tingling in reunion, TRUTH codes, unwinding, unbinding, bound in harmonious angles, swirls, UP the chain. Breaking chains, Smoke signals of the ancestors, AS the ancestors.

SEEK and we shall find, PHI nd, PHI-undone, revealed, accessing a NEW golden truth, spiral, SIGn, in languages of Light, body flow, bountiful, folds, unfolding, within, gray folds inTO diamond harmonics, castle of Grayskull, brain expansion, fiery synapses, Snapping, zap, zing, sing, Signing, lightnINg efficientSEE.

Signs revealed, follow the neuronetworker, NEW net, grid, lightworker, lightning rod connector, leying the lines, boundaries in boundless inFORMation, creation, reunion.

We are love, We are light, we are day, Rays, we IGNITE all folds of frequency , orchestra, strata, stratosphere, spheres singing, SIGNing, SigNATURE, harpes of sound frquency, comb-ing, together.combine, Lyre, Lyra, Gaia.sweet nectar, honeycomb, coming HOME, we ARE home, combInation, ONE nation, D-light, lining UP in constant. Collaboration. Elation. E-ley-t-ion. Let IN, Vibration, buzz of electricity, Royal BLUE, song of light, in flight, in FLOW. In LOVE

I felt guided to add to this....

This picture was taken at a store- it is actually a stained glass portal, and I felt guided to use this as the primary picture in this post, since we are in this Lion's gate portal currently and it truly is expanding our Roots, Branches, Extensions of ourselves as the Trees of Light, Life, (not to be confused with the old idea of the tree of life- but the truth, Groot, LOL, tree of life)- we are all connected. We are essentially creating heaven on Earth, as well as growing, moving, together.

I wrote a poem when I was in 6th grade, and it was about a weeping willow, one of my favorite trees. Much has been coming through in this timeline connection, or time of timeline connection, so to speak- and my childhood memories have come up to remind me of what I enjoyed creating as a child, and what seemed to have been 'lost', or merely put aside, ignored in the shuffle of the matrix- 'growing into' my teenage and then adult years. It really is about getting back to our TRUTH- and the Abundance of all that we are. And in this search- we reveal it was there all along.

While this is not the entire message that I have shared above- as there is SOOOO much innerleyed, inner woven from within what I have been writing about- the messages I have been receiving from my Higher Guidance Team, ME- are all about joy, inner child, heart, sharing, opening to receive. We have been programmed, allowed programming, etc, in our bodies, minds, etc and our entire way of living is now requiring us to operate from our TRUTH. Our Higher Knowing. Our brains, bodies and WE are expanding. We feel it in our bones, (literally), in our ways of thinking, in our expression and our desire to serve our Mother Earth, and brothers and sistars by expressing our OWN uniqueness and creativity.

Our brains and entire 'mapping' systems within our brains are changing, growing and expanding. Our DNA is online in a whole new way, a whole new world- and we are connecting with ancient ancestors and versions of ourselves. This is exciting, and can be seemingly overwhelming at times- but as we ALLOW, we remember, and all FLOWS. Take a deep breath in, expand, let it all out, Sigggghhhhhh, Epand, Breath IN, and out with a mighty ROAR. WE got this!

In love and light....

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