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Lungs, Aether flow

so as we breathe into our S P A C E as we allow ourselves to breathe into the space that we sit withinIN we are not merely just breathing as a chemical or technical quality

it allows us to express to press to compress and to expel certain nutrients the filtration system OUT inTO the environment that we are interacting with and communicating with and this is a natural component that the human body Has essentially bigger potential for activating.

(i'm seeing this combination of the old and the new) we do not necessarily see, understand the full functionality of this skin suit of this technology we are now merely stepping Step PING, vibrating into a higher piece of the puzzle a higher vibratory speed and accessing RATE and RATIO in which we exist within therefore how we process THIS what we would call FABRIC how we process this inter-dimensionality, reality accessing expression is shifting as well. Therefore we invite you to be more cognizant of how you are interacting with the space around you and the space within your body ,the field. The FIELD that you are playing within IS PLAYING WITH YOU are you passing the ball back and forth are you going to play?

it may be a game that you feel un-graceful playing (i'm seeing it's awkward for many yet this awkwardness is part of the next step in retrieving these deeper abilities & compatibilities and ways of expression) for you must communicate WITH your body for it to communicates with you for it is truly ATTUNED with all of your needs yet we have been tuned 'out' so to speak, for many Many times, days and plays

Fot the way in which you interact with your body allows you to incorporate within you the deeper layers of accessibility to the DNA.... 🌈 that sits from one perspective within your skin suit yet also exists out around you in all things for all fields host their own dna expression for what is dna but memories and particles frequencies and energies that have a set, if you will of components that essentially communicate with the environment 🌈 many of these proteins that interact with our our system have been systematically divided they have been separated and i'm seeing cause and effect for they cannot work at the highest capacity when they are working away from each other so to speak when they are not interacting in the fluid the way that they were meant to fluidly interact and so many of us are combining these instruction sets which is creating i'm seeing ribbons new sets of ribbons new sets of ribbon flavonoids? LOL

so as we come into this new FIELD OF awareness we BEGIN to feel a new AWARENESS we begin to FEEL certain things HAPPENING in our body we might fee INTO a particular set of chemicals that have been there the whole time yet we are now recognizing them accessing them and recognizing them and we start to remember how to turn on this technology and how to tune into what has been turned off, o now turned on for many

For many of us have been under this concept that we need to rely on somebody else to turn us on essentially i'm seeing the remote control and many of us believe that we are being controlled and manipulated and while to some or to some level this is true this no longer fits the entire system meaning i'm seeing us brushing it off

for many of us are now operating at such a high potential such a high such a high octane, that all of those other components that were introduced into the system in the old old building blocks and the old blockages we are outplaying them

it no longer directs us we have changed our direction some are too rigid with their protocol and other people aren't rigid at all so that can break down it can cause a temporary breakdown of the human body, regimen, regime, regulations.

(it also has to do with the heart so if they can get into a place where they're feeding their body love they're staying in a place, or REGULARLY coming into that space of high feeling of compassion and patience and just honoring what they need that which has been broken down, all will begin to come back into a divine order, from one perspective.

for the body and the human has been misdirected for so long that the belief structure in which the human has existed within has supported the belief of the human so therefore all that was available was what the human believed was available and now that all has shifted and changed so too has the availability and accessibility of higher forms of communication, travel, interaction, healing technology, everything because now we believe but i'm being guided to share that it's we know, be still and know so by us going into our body we know I know that this needs....fill in the gaps

but if you are in a place where this does not resonate because you are in a state of confusion and we might say temporal illusion this can be temporary you can seek the guidance or the assistance of others who are operating from this higher potential you will be drawn to them and they to you for this is a collaboration that is essentially a celebration of look what i can do so can you

this allows us to share our codes with each other in a much more versatile way and it allows us to map into these deeper spaces of knowingness and higher revelations and higher revealings and higher subsequent building blocks of material from one perspective, we're bringing in this, into into our 'material' it's materializing, realizing, in front of us, certain concepts and and things that have been floating in the Aether, from one perspective in the Aethernet waiting to be scene waiting to be acknowledged waiting to be spelled out so that they could exist in harmony with us

this can be relationships friendships this can be connecting to ancestors and loved ones that may have left a particular dimensional playing field at one juncture this can be connecting into different planetary extensions of us this can represent different numbers that never were 'thought' to have existed yet there they were in the thought construct of a higher harmonious architecture of brain alchemy because they are were and will be

this could represent itself in the form of mythological beings, i'm hearing it's mythology and it may sound very magical and and that may be the structure and reality of which you believe you are attached to and playing from and so therefore your view of these things may not be the same as another who can see the bigger picture and that's okay, for we are all each choosing to play in our own way with our own construction sets, if you will. Yet we are constructively assisting one another to build on their individual construction sets by us interacting in a positive open loving expansive harmonious accepting way and this is a new accessibility and responsibility to be able to show the ability to respond to others in a peaceful way for others will not understand how to play they will not understand that they have the option to play some will be categorically in-complete and chooses a total shutdown mode (and i'm hearing categorically inaccessible and in denial) we let go of the need to control their journey.

for as we interact with this structURe that we are encased within, from one perspective that we are fluidly interacting with, we remember that each and individual protein and each individual cell has its own consciousness from one perspective and your body is a walking collective consciousness therefore you are the collective in so many ways just as water is a collective of consciousness and there are different aspects of the water sometimes it's frozen and sometimes it's fluid and sometimes it's moving into a different state of being its original form still is connected to a collection of consciousness from one perspective and the more we recognize this the more we realize how rigid WE have been and it allows us to HUG ourselves don't forget the power of human touch.

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