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May 21 video Grounding Breath

Note: POW=play on words

For when we drop into our Breathing

And we recognize we are breathing

We momentarily RECOGNIZE

That we are breathing,

we recognize That we are fully involved

in this process

We are not an outside observer

That isn’t involved physically

In and out with the breath

And we then observe as the witness

That we are thinking

That we are bringing the breath

consciously into our body

Even though many days and many times

We are unconsciously breathing.

And this can be played with

in a myriad of ways

It can be played with from so many different angles

For we have many different confluent (POW)

Confluent in-fluctuations,

influxes of energies

Coming in from all angles right now

We are feeling this wave

This massive wave

And it can sometimes knock us off our feet

It can make us feel

as if we don’t have feet

It cam make us lose our footing,

it can make us step on feet,

(Step on the toes of others)

It can ‘make’ us follow in the footsteps

Of other people places or circumstances

Maybe we don’t even recognize

that we are following

in these footsteps of.

It can make us find ourselves,

Falling into a pattern or

Walking into a wall

One might say

It can make us kick our heels up

And click our heels tougher in joy

(I am seeing, there’s no Place like home)

Dance with our feet

It can be all of these things

And all of these examples

with this ‘foot’ word play

All of these examples are actually helping us

gain our footing, gain a foot


It’s helping us gain our way

of filling bigger shoes

Tap dancing, (cap dance Ewok)

So we begin to listen to the rhythm

of the shoes, to show us

We begin to feel into

our barefoot expressions

We begin to feel these other expressions fall away

That no longer bring

the dance that we enjoy

The dance we wish to participate in

We get tired of the same old song and dance

one might say

And so we are feeling into this new dance

For we are dancing in a new energy

A New frequency

Therefore our bodies must change their tune

Our bodies must change

how it that we tune into, the tune.

We find ourselves stimulated in new ways

And this allows us to play

In this new stimulation, simulation

And allows us to assimilate

in a myriad of ways

To the frequencies that are

playing with us

That are exchanging with us

With the people, places and things,

animals, Experiences, etc.

but the people, our fellow humans

That are also opening to our signature

And so many of us are finding

ourselves tuning into

Our soul signature sisters and brothers

And so as we light up each other

As we light up to

The light that is coming in to

each other

We begin to see one another

through a different cone

A different cone of personality

Of personal reality—

(Seeing the cones of our eyes

will send back to us a picture

And the more we expand our cone,

our periphery

And look at things from

a more expansive perspective

The easier it is to see

The personality verses reality

So our personality is just one aspect

of our soul expression and

that can change based on

what inspires us and what we are

inspired to interact and play with

And how it is that we are being inspired

Letting of what what was expired.

The expiration date is up for many

This is a play on words-

but is also literal

We’ve moved UP the expiration date

That which we have expired from

We are setting a longer date

That can mean that some of us

have chosen to stay here longer

It works both ways

As we do this we increase our range

Our frequency

We increase our impact zone

We increase our frequency range

We increase the range

of how far we can go

And how many ‘zones’

we can essentially travel through

Listen to our body intuition,

our inner-tuition

Many of us need to get grounded,

Feet on the ground, FEEL the ground

To get off the ground, running.

But many of us have run aground

In reference to our ship,our vessel

For we have hit ground

We want to get grounded

in order not to run aground

But rather, hit the ground running LOL

When we get grounded

From the higher perspective

We’ve anchored to Earth,

(Which is Why we came here)

We’ve anchored into our body

We are allowing the electrical

stimulation and the channels

To flow more directly.

It enhances all of our abilities

To then gives us a bigger charge

And it helps us to anchor that charge.

Lack of being grounded

can cause a broken surge

To literally run ourselves into the ground

Versus us grounding our central channel and

wire to ground

It causes us to get stuck, and

run aground.

And this is a new philosophy

that many people are adapting

Even through it is a very ancient philosophy

Many of us are remembering.

Our roots, our feet, the ground

Many of us are remembering the route,

the path, the root

To our own inner stability

is enhancing our charge

And our ability to channel

that inner connectivity with the earth.

This also enhances our relationship

With one another

And enhances our creativity,

productivity, happiness,

Appreciation- it tingles the senses

Gives us a sense of ahhhh, (sigh)-relaxation

And as we get back to our roots, ground

We send out signals and

we send out signals to the universe

That we are ready for more

Signaling and sending out signals

to and from our body

And the body makes the adjustments and pheromones, Which then attract,

we become the attractor

We become the honey bees

We then attract to us the nectar, the joy

And also is literally the Nectar-

The fruits of our loins- POW

It pulls up the charge

that is the crystal liquid

That is stored in the body template

That us then signaled

That it is time to move

And it allows the movement

to Become more stable

it allows Us to feel more renewed

And feel less isolated, (POW)

It was held, and now it is opened

This enhances our own ability to communicate

In the highest of ways

Our heart, our highest good

Our highest vibratory feelings and intentions

Our highest thoughts

This is how we hum, how we sing

It becomes a steady hum and

less of a surge

That pulls us off our feet

We can easier balance the highs and Lows,

However recognizing the highs and lows

give us an ample opportunity

To allow the sacred spaces in our body

The aqua duct,

To get our ducks In a row

It allows us the ample Opportunity

to feel the supple, soft, subtle energies

surging through us.

Supple is soft, sensual-

from the root to the sacral

It amplifies that connection

Allowing us to move up the spine

Up from the feet through the crown

Lighting everything up

Allowing us a steady order to feel into

Whatever is out of order

in a more coherent and useful way

That gives us the ability

to balance and play

It helps to lighten up

We aren’t as confused

when we become more grounded.

Our ability to play with these energies

is directly connected with

our ability to play

And our ability to feel and

our ability to communicate

And our ability to communicate and


HOW this is all done

And when this is happening IN us,

rather than TO us.

This is not a linear definition

It Is merely us being alive and

being on Earth at this time

That is how this activation is done

It’s already BEEN done

It’s already BEING done

We are already moving THROUGH

this period of time

And by the time you watch this video

or tune into this frequency or energy

It Has already occurred

In the ‘field’ from one perspective.

In addition it is occurring now

As you tune into the ‘field’

of the now moment

That is Going to be received

in the now,


Whenever that is for you

So there is no. Time

Other than the now

To be present with oursleves

And what is. Happening now

Using all of our senses

Smelling what we are smelling, now

Feeling what we are feeling now

Communicating from our heightened senses

Of stability inner security

inner sensuality and

co creative divine feminine frequency

which is a beautiful supportive energy,

And tuning our of the old adages

The add add ons,

the old ideologies

That we must only be ‘one way’

That we must always be thinking,

And this then moves up into the realm

of all of our body parts

And once harnessed through the heart

gives us the ability to be joyful

Which we use interconnnectively

with the word play

For when we are at play

And not to be confused with the stage,

or something that is projected

or written as a script,

it allows us to go off Script and

co create in the moment


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