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My Cell OM

Now I shift direction INto my finite form, Infinite in expansion expression, dIVing into my cells, myCELLum, the dirt, the soil, the SOUL of my cellular, structure, star-cture, the connective tISsue that links together,the under skin, undercurrent, underground network. The vessels that move, FLOW, communicate FROM ONe to MANY, as ONE unified working component, architexture, heart-i-texture. For I AM the living Tree, branches and leaves, living breathing creativity, creativitree, an extension of the Forest floor, extending my arms AS the breath LEAVES me, only to flow back IN again,

Wind, air move through the lungs, As I stand, ROOTed, in movement roots connected, nourished supported in the FASCIA, that webs, WEAVES through my Forest, the network that shares all inforFORMation throughout my form and beyond.


Much love!

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