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Plane T's Changes

We are recognizing that the Earth changes are affecting

this planet and beyond,

for in the landscape,

AKA, the Body of the planet

and of the ‘galactic geometry’-

inner geo-me-tree,

the genome-tree of you, me

Plane T, cross planes,

And of the galactic energies.

There is much that is being

accessed and changed

CHARGED, right now.

The currencies, current C's

that are ZIPping UP, so to speak,

that are zippinPING OUT

that are creating a

comBUSTian-able chamber

on the planet, is allowing

for an operational

influx to occur

in this cellular matrix

that the earth is

intrinsically linked to,

just as you are

linked to the spaciousness

of all that is.

(I am seeing upper,

up-pour rational-

like the pores on the planet-

and a pouring out

And in of energy also-)

There is also an inpouring

of frequencies that are causing

an outpouring of frequencies-

this in-pore-atonal influx

of frequencies is creating

a band- mend-

a mending of the bands.

(Thinking of abandonment)-

I am being invited to expand

back out of conceptualization

of a story that was told,

and then get back into

my own intuition

about the information-

not what I ‘think’ I know.

So as you allow.

Yourself to expand out

and explore the concepts

and ideas of what we are saying,

we are pouring IN

From our own reality

constructs as well-

so we offer a constructive

point of view for you

to put the pieces together and

explain it in such a way-

(x- plane, creating a cross

in consciousness

on a certain plane

and I am combining certain planes of realities

and existences

and x- plane- nations,

to a certain level of understanding).

As you expel certain energies,

(like a geyser erupting and

letting out some type, as I type, LOL,Of sulfuric memories-

soul- furic, soul fire)...


(what is a memory, an earth

memory- mammary? Me- memo, ma, mamma, mammal, held to the breast,

Mothers milk, Earth mother, etc.)

As the earth expels

these frequencies

from Her domatrix,

dome- matrix, domain,

(a dome is a covering or top, and

do is a sound in music, like D major).

It allows these within the Earth

to also expand and expel

and it allows those

that are on the Earth

that exist within her framework

above to expound (play on words),

Expand into a higher

dimensional field,

where the playing

field technology

was limiting the access points

in the congruity

of the Earth mechanizations, mechanics, and so from a higher PERSPECTIVE,

all of the Earth changes,

Changes all of the frequencies


All available is expanding,

expressing- (things come up).

As the burp and birth-

as the earth releases her gases

she it is orgasmic- organism-

(like sergasam grass??)-

it’s organs-mic, cosmic-

organ-as mimic-

there is this release of energy

that builds up

that can’t be held any longer

and we are going to feel

this ripple effect-

Orgasm in the organism,

In the organs, the pipes,

The sound

it can be so powerful

that people are afraid of it,

like a kundalini eruption.

Do not fear-

for all that has been held within

is being brought clear-

To clear the disruption-

earth Bound’ frequencies-

constipated with orgasm.

This allows pleasure

to come through. Relief, release.

She has already birthed

and hasnt’ had an orgasm

since her last birth??

?it is communication-

(pop pop fizzz fizz

oh what a relief it is).

This is also a reflection

of too many people holding on-

and all is packed up and

has not been given freely.

Many people feel

that if they GIVE,

something will be takem from them.

This is not correct,

yet this is correct on some

people's course.

Let us expound upon some of the words

that have created this discourse-

words we may be triggered by:


associated with artificial, robotics


associated with fighting,

like freedom has to be fought for.

This triggers fear

on a subconscious level

(I am seeing f sharp, and ear

I am seeing Vapors released

from the earth

are having a chemical affect

on people in their environments

and this is like pheromones)

It’s like a crossword puzzle-

when you cross one word

with another

they connect energetically

with one another.

So even the word 'birth'

is associated with pain and discomfort,

but what if birth had no pain

attached to it if it was done

in a harmoniously and energetic way?

This is something the Earth

is going through

and it can create discomfort for us because of our attachments

and what we have attached to

the meaning of THINGS.

So we assume that because

there are fires, this means

destruction, and even though

it does, it also is part

of this process to renewal.

We think of earthquakes

as something wrong,

and in fact it is sometimes

created from technology,

but in the grand

scheme of things,

it is also creating space

for growth

(and fire spreads seeds, etc.)

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