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Plato play dough

so in these new energies

we must play,

we must reconstruct

our reality,

we must reconstruct our reality

into a new chemistry,

find our inner chemistry

that aligns with our highest frequency,

for as we align with our higher frequency

we allow that which is,

which is to be,

to be or not to be,

Be like the bees,

as we allow ourselves to see

temp into this higher framework,

we allow ourselves

to flow into a path

of freedom that was inaccessible

to many before this existence,

(STANCE)- in this realm.

There is a mass quantum upgrade

that is still in the process of

redirecting itself if you will,

(I am seeing a Harp,

and a tuning fork-

alighting), harp tuning,

heart tuning, choosing

at the fork in the road--

for as you allow

yourself to open

to this equesterary-


aqua estuary

quest airy- play on words,

a quest estuary-

for there are many

combinations in words that we

can create in order to access

these higher born frequencies,

for they are being birthed within

the very air that you breathe,

for you are external force

of creation, so to speak-

(bringing and birthing into form).

For much has been and is being

birthed in these frequencies

in this network- and unearthed

so to speak-

reference to birthing canal,

I am seeing this

as being cleansed somehow.

As we allow ourselves

to reunify with all that it is

that we have been in the past,

that we are CURRENTLY,

(currency, current of energy, )-

currently running with

currently running towards, again

blending the rules if you will,

Blending the tides of time,

blending the rainbow

frequencies that you are

accessing at this time.

Yet time is merely

an access point if you will

into these deeper realms,

into these realms of compassion,

that these compassionate waves

are melting even the coldest of hearts,

for it is not the directive of THOSE,

(how great though art,

rhyming creates a higher rhythm)

These higher access points

are converging as they converge,

they cross streams if you will,

they cross streams of frequency,

patterning together and

creating a new rhythm

that was inaccessible

when they were separate. (L

(I am seeing a cross hatch

or crossing paths, creating a build up and

this build up of energies and

frequencies essentially

combining the information-

cross hairs (POW)-

reference to Avatar, 3 hares, strange loop.

Before the streams

were kept separate and

this was for good reasons

for the birthing streams

that were coming in

were too high of a chord for many-

so these streams were too high and

to connect them would have been

detrimental to the birthing of

mankind in a certain way.

(It was never the intention

for this energy of non organic frequencies

to continuously be birthed

because it was finite- and

not self organizing.

Eventually finite comes to an end and

all that truly IS,

comes through-

otherwise, creation would

self destruct rather than be

a life source stream.

These streams that were crossing

were like bandwidths, and

you would have one

bandwidth of time

that holds within it

certain codes and information.

IF you were to mix it

with that other frequency,

that was higher codes of information and

cross streams, it would cause a short-

it would cause things to leak

because it could not be

integrated and held, so to speak.

Play dough-


Molding, colors, clay,

building, shapes,

smell, senses-

And we use this as an analogy

by as a child you played

with play dough and it would take

the shapes of your imagaination. .

you would take colors

that were available to you and

you would form what you knew as a child,

in that form, coming through form,

as formation, in formation-

Yoking would use

what you were

capable of forming in,

from your imagianation, and

there were some things

that you couuld not display-

or your would create and

others would not understand your work and

where it was coming from-

or in this space of understanding

and in this space

there were waves

in which the patterning

did not reflect

what it was that you were accessing.

And so the shapes

that were expressed in your own way.

It would be as if the higher realms and

the higher learning

and the higher sensees

were all needing to callibrate and

they could not callibrate

in a particular linearization bandwidth,

that the existence was centered in before.

But now the existence has shifted.

The existential, existence- POW,

the awareness of oneSELF

has expanded.

And the awareness

is not necessarily knowledge.

It is a KNOWING from within,

that then access the knowledge.

Yes, the knowledge and information

can trigger certain knowings

from deep within the SOUL,

solar plexus region.

(POW, PLEXUSa place in space,

physical, being around the sun)-

the gut feeling.)

This deeper knowing

is expanding and jets out

in a propulsion stream of archaimetry-

(arc- chem entry- entry, tree)-

this geometry changes the time-

suit technology- (

the body is in a time loop, and every so often, we are new)-

We were in a timeloop

that was keeping us

stuck in these lower bandwidths,

in part because our ski suit technology

was not necessarily

prepared to MAKE WAY-

was not able to create space and

go in THAT direction,

to make way-

it would have scrambled the wiring.

Because to the looping, skinloop-

(if you look at Olympic Rings

are interlocking and that is

as big as you can go-

looping all back into,

up and down into each other. )-

Rings, bubbles- triad of compression.

Three rings- triangle with three rings-

on each end is what I am seeing.

I am seeing that we now

have enough compression

that pushes from the inside out

has to match to pressure,

coming from the outside in somehow.

And this looping technology

has created the ability

to withstand higher measures of geometries-

like when you are a scuba diver and

you acclimate to going deeper

in the compression chamber-

I am also seeing this as in reference to the heart.

Going deeper at the same time,

expanding out further

Rather than a push and a pull

its compression and expansion.

We are being squeezed once again

beyond conformity.

Beyond that which we would be

conforming into,

beyond that which we have

conformed to before, in the past.

For in this a new birthing canal is born.

This canal holds charge.

This canal holds a new time structure if you will

only meant to measure our own self worth.

The net value per say-

)I am seeing SE- per SE, and purse...

purse= pur-se, PSI).

And so what we hold within us,

IS our net value, our net worth.

And as we expand,

we break the bank- so to speak,

(bank, where did this come from).

This chamber is connecting us to

a vast region of deeper self worth,

bringing into our awareness

a deeper region of space,

regional matrix.

That has been birthed long ago.

Yet is now being accessed,

for we have changed our channels.

That which we have SPOKEn,

(like spokes on a wheel and verbalized)-

about in the past is available and aware.

A self organizing reunion-

a flare if you will,

a spark in the dark,


Yet there is so much more

we are alluding to here.

For that which has been illusory,

or has been alluded to,

alluded from is now fully accessible.

The dream works-

coagulation has birthed its own-

seam, stream.

Band with awareness, live birth.

Bandwidth awareness.

(Seeing a live transmission real right now)-

Yet there is still always a lag time-

in time. TIME. (To catch up to this region).

Yea Again, we are being invited

to really stay in a place

of inner awareness.

For as we continue to birth

these bandwidths from within,

we are streaming real time

(like we are creating REAL TIME)-


Those that are responsible

for their own assertiveness, POW-

assertive action, the timekeepers if you will-

those that have kept us in REAL TIME-

(not false time)-

are communicating

with these access points

on such a high bandwidth-

they are helping to balance

the chain if you will.

The chain of command.

The change of commands.

(Times, they are a changing).

This creates an assertive documentary,

(play on words)- that tells a story in real time.

AS it tells a story in real time,

the bandwidths that are unifying

are allowing for a stabilization

in the higher matrix grids,

portals, players, beaches-

playas POW- and

this allows for multiple players

to set their course. POW-

We know that this message

seems to expansive beyond words.

For it is accessing so much

that can only be expressed

with a certain stream of play dough if you will.

For you must play in your own ability

to express from a co creative documentary.

For you are telling a story

in your own frequency. .

and your own frequency is blending

together with multiple bandwidths

to access different frequencies

in which you spell, spill together,

(reference to me and every one else).

(I am seeing this whole network of

timekeepers that are essentially

out of the entrapment of false time.

They are really creating.)

Those that are holding their composure,

they compisitiary (composition, compositors?.....)-

They are creating at such a high speed,

a high rate of velocity that it is

out creating it is outweighing those

that are of The old system.

It is so vast and such an exponential

rate of speed that they don’t even know

that they have been out and OUT created.

I am seeing bubble and

ring after ring of bubbles

of the flower of life.

And within each of these bubbles

holds expression and higher awareness and location.

Before, it was so dense,

it wasn’t able to sustain itself-

you would get a ring, and

it would go back to sleep so to speak-

you would get a ring of creation

then it would move back down

because it could not be sustained.

For all that has been corrupt, (core rupt)-

the corruption has corrupted itslelf

like acid or rust.

It eats away at the foundation

or core and the foundation

eats away at itself and

does not have anything to JUMP onto,

so to speak, to feed on to.

It has out corrupted itself,

it is corrosive-

it is a reflection terminology.

Terminal velocity.

Terminal as in it can’t sustain itself.

Warp speed is warped speed-

war speed is warped.

So something was going on

about this subject, light speed sound,

it ate itself. It has run out of time.

The time system

in which it was created in,

the deeper aspect or darker aspect

has outrun itself, run itself into the ground.

I am seeing this as a reference

to underground wiring.

This terminal velocity

cannot recompose itself.

It’s composure has run out so tp speak.

It is out of time, time does not exist

in the same way that it used to.

Therefore we cannot conform

to the same rules that were

created based on a particular

linear frequency or bandwidth.

This will create some animosity so to speak,

this animal velocity from within, survival mode.

Because there are those

that are also out of time.

Their chemical components

are eating away at themselves, so to speak.

And this causes them to self distrust.

And in this process of self destruction

there will be a flurry of retribution.

Consequences for the actions-

consequential sequence of events

that are going to WEIGH out

the pros and the cons,

and this essentially will create

a dissolution of the veil, a dissolution

of the fabric of that which

was created for this particular

reality construc that is in the process

of fading away, like the band,

dying orchestra on the titanic.

This contstruct, or deconstruct

creates a mass decay.

I am seeing not like a mass extinction-

the mass decay brings up fossil fuels,

so to speak. POW

False fuels, false fuel technology.

False-I’ll fuels

And this deeper technology

that has been hidden from

our particular reality if you will,

will reveal itself to be vast, and infinite.

(I am seeing anger- people will be mad

that this was hidden).

It is a reptilian type of consciousness

that is not able to exist

within this bandwidth.

( I arm seeing this that creation

on and the beings that are neutral,

love all-did not want to see

this mass extinction,

which is by the way- multidimensional,

not just about a species-

they did not want to see any being hurt.

This goes back to the bandwidth

earlier that was not allowed to cross streams,

as it was going to cause wires to fry-

an overload over stimulus of information and energy-

electricity that would fry the mainframe,

so to speak.

There was a delicate balance

that needed to be created.

There were beings given

the opportunity to bow out so to speak

and this is necessary

because they cannot withstand the energy

that we are in the process of harnessing,

harvesting and creating.

They can’t harvest the energy

any more because it is too much).

We refer back

to the essence of the elements

the elemental vocabulary

that. Is creating within it

a whole new space time collaboration.

We create within this reality

a landscape of. Technology and

this holds within it many possibilities.

We end on this NOTE,

note this node, this note.

I am seeing the note

having to do with value system-

monetary notes and vibration-

musical notes and writin

where do we think this word originated from,

the root of the word, so tp speak.

Musical notes and money notes

are a value currency and

the value currently

that was once activated within this portal,

within this range of chemistry sets. POW.

A region of creative matrix placement.

This value system is archaic and

it cannot hold with the new revelations,

relegations- elevations and revealing.

The revealing are going

to elevate a certain way of living,

a certain reality system,

a certain tribunal will be taking place. POW-

and we must save face.

There will be people

that want to save face and

they will want to- create

a new face to be behind,

to smile behind-

yet this will have to be

the truth of who they are.

We end on this note:

the chords that you pluck,

the cords that you choose to play,

music rhythm,

scale and vibration

at the core of your really activity

so to speak,

that which you relay,

relate to one another-

relate to one another,

relay back and forth

are creating in instant real time.

So, recognize this

the more you return to innocence,

(to time bender reality,

the more you return to home base)

and that which was

created in these false grid patterns

cannot affect you. Period.

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