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Plucking the cords, Alph Beta soup, Letter Geometry

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

Please note: I made a video for part 1 of this Blog at

all of the POW= play on words,

so I will be adding more about this in the video

much love!

Let us FLOW into outer space for a moMEnt,

Let us flow into the space that is outside of you,

yet perMEates all that is within you,

for all is CONNECTED through a sheath-like fabric

of prismatic wavy lines- particles and dots.

We wish to MELD into this fabric, if you will

so that you can feel/ feed into the frequency

that is all around you

And all that it is offeRING

All that is a-round you, Ah-round, air-round, @round

round and round and round

As we set within this circumfantree, if you will, POW-

(circumference,tree, and circumferential, circumferentor *),

connected through ROOTS

as we allow out THAT which has been reflected FROM withIN,

we then

let go of the need to hold onto,

in tow, on TWO,

we move ON to, INto

we let go of the need to BIND ourselves to

certain principalities, principals, if you will,

Certain principles and doctrines,

Dock trains, bandwagons and bandwidths

that are no longer established

in the new framework that we exist within.

For as these old princiPALS, prince-IP-realities,

Old friends, so to speak, begin to fall to the WAYside,

We begin to recognize that WE are on the other side of THAT way,

WE wave, weave on the other side,

One may say we are on the other side of the COIN,

yet there is ONE Universal Truth, that we are all subject to, if you will.

This is a play on words- for ‘subject’ has been utilized for many

different TERM-inologies, senTENces,

many of us feel we have been sentenced to subjectivity, to BE subjects

To be subjected TO, to be subjuGATEd,

would be a role, that many have agreed to play

Yet this roll is outplayed, in THIS now moment,

For others are finally stepping UP to the TRUTH from within

Stepping up to their own truth from withIN,

Allowing their truth to SHINE

FROM WITHIN, And in doing THIS,

THAT which is reflected outwardly

Begins to change pixels if you will, picks and chooses, different cells,

Begins to MORPH with the cones,

the diagonals, the wavy lines

And all THAT appears before your very eyes

Morphs, metamorphosis, META- more sizes,

Bigger, tons, MORE

TUNES, turns on the pho-tons, fun grows in value

Changes the size, changes the scope

Turns on a dime if you will

Changes the scope of awareness in the FIELD,

FEEL it.

And all this recognition, or relevance WITHIN the spectrum

Allows the field to interact, INNER act, to react- I in the act that

which is being expressed from the inside out.

So we will see playing in FRONT of our very eyes,

The movie that we have BEEN, that we have been FROM,

The movie that we have been playing from within.

And this is not to say that each individual is playing the same movie

That they see playing outside of them, on the dialogue box,

If you will, (radio, TV any other type of artificial insinuations, simulations)

That we have birthed, knowingly or unknowingly,

it is done.

Yet we are being invited to RECOGNIZE the structure

which we ARE birthing,

Structures that we HAVE birthed,

Many have outGROWn their potentials,

and so we send them off into a different direction, so to speak,

So they may PLAY out,

(I am seeing some will dissolve, as in they just won’t play out,

and others will just go into hibernation.

Note- I had seen a VOID space where all these thoughts had been

collected and they had been kept under lock and key,

they were kept under DIVINE lock and key

so that they did not have the potential of being released

until man, woman and child could SEE- POW,

The errOR of their ways.

I see 'error 404 not found', like there were certain thoughts that were not

able to be expressed because the vibrational encoding did not match,

pull and frequency which we were birthing

did not hold space for those expansive thoughts).

And so they were kept under safety, if you will,

Safe key- PING, safe-keeping, safe coding

And many have accessed this potentiality AGAIN

For these are YOURS from withIN.

These thoughts are combINations of expectations and frequencies

That gave birth to entire civilizations

and they have been ‘percolating’ if you will.

Masquerading is no longer part of this equation- POW

I am seeing that these ‘thoughts’ and thoughts of realities were hidden

in this VOID space- and encapsulated, not able to gain full creation

manifestation or birth, so that they could be accessed

and quarried at a different time).

And we are in that space now, brothers and sisters

For as we allow ourselves to expand,

And break on through to the other side,

Break through this VOID space equivalent,

We allow ourselves to create that which is equal to our true VALUE,

our thoughts, Our interactions with Source, infinitely, intimately.

This allows us to calibrate and create an equilibrium

(I am seeing Harry Potter and when he pulls through memories

and looks into the scrying bowl of water, and I am hearing, they are ‘plucked’)

And as we PLUCK, pull through like THREADS,

these through from this void space, they STICK.

When we have enough holding PATTERNS to attract them to us.

I am seeing 'outside' of us, but inside of us- is where we created them,

but then they come BACK to us and then we ADD to them,

and this gives a whole new picture to THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS.

For they ARE a thing if you will, floating in the ‘aethers’

The air, the others, the HAIRS, the heirs, outside of time, so to speak,

the Decisive units of co creation

Matter formation

It’s mirrorly, merely a matter of thought perspective,

You could go with THIS you could go with THAT.

It’s a dance, if you will.

And the most expansive thoughts often come with the most responsibility

The ability to respond,

to the enormity of the energy BEHIND the projectivity, productivity.

Remember to PLAY with your words,

For as you allow them to form in your minds EYE,

You bring into your awareness all that you hold withIN, your mind’s eye

And so these subjects require a certain amount of objectivity

When discussing them

Objectivity, objectiviT around these subjects is KEY.

Many of the words that we using are meant to be played with

For as you use these linguistics, these languages,

as you play with the vocabulary,

you open up to an entirely ‘new’ SUBSET for reference points,

an entirely new subset of DOMINIONS, if you will,

An entirely new subset of frequencies and ACTIVATIONS

then spill, SPELL forward or spill forth

from your interpretation, of these words.

For the enTANGLEment In which the English language

has experienced also is in a place of reVAMPing, if you will.

(I am seeing this as, I could go with THIS or I could go with THAT).

The life has been SUCKED out of it, of the language,

and THAT is being played out in this false sense of security, POW

triple layer dimension-

(instead of thinking of it as 3D- i am seeing certain languages or words

as being trapped in that dimension, because they are only used

for lower dimensional structure representations).

Yet we choose NOT to go into THAT particular scope field,

in this conversation

For THAT mapPING field is in self destruction, if you will.

Yet this is also a play on words,

'It' is in the process of self-destructing,

the sense of self in the Ego, of linear projection.

So we choose to MAP INTO this higher quality of resonance,

a higher quality of SOUND harmonics

and as you allow

this structure to UNFOLD within this linguistical play on words-

it creates an activation set of quantum mechanics,

The mechanisms, the mechanics,

The mechanical voice oscillations that you provide

through your linguistic playfulness allows you to SHARE

and PLAY with these subsets of energy FREEquency

(I am literally seeing the Alpha- BETa, stringing together like lights,

string theory- a string of A-Z.

Flick them, scrabble them and they all fall apart,

and then I am, we are, piecing them, back together

I am hearing upside down and inside out).

And this allows you to PLAY with this structure in such a WAY

that it activates a deeper depository POW

I think of depository as value, a bank, a holding space,

to put into, to place into something, to hold onto in order

to add value to and to organize- to DRAW from when needed.

So as we allow these CURRENCIES to flow through us

We then reactivate 'lost' potentials that were once ‘ensnared’,

from one perspective, in a lower energy SOUP,

yet were also put on hold, Or HELD

with the deepest resonance, regard, REVERENCE.

(From one end- or THAT end, these words were taken

and reworked, in three-D, architecture, read 3- that’s all you get).

But then I am seeing the void SPACE and essentially all was HELD

in this space until those of us that are holding a higher resonance,

intervals of resonance, RESIDENCY, resident KEY,

In a non-ego way, can then tap back into these

‘thoughts or patterns that are now ‘on display’ on the marquis, mar-KEY

(Like we can see them and they are available to us if we use the right key).

So we ALLOW you or you allow WE,

from many different ANGLES, angels, to tap into these letter geometries.

These letter geometries COERCE a deeper path,


When you go back and FORTH

BETWEEN each other- a concourse, concord for discourse.

And it allows you to interchange in a FLUID-LIKE STATE and space

In order to access these Divine, Fine Points of intersecting nodes, NOTES.

These divine NODES, and geometries then spill forth into your LETTER , POW

A vocabulary sequencing

(Now i recognize that this can be going into DNA,

Fire letters, and can go into the word of crypto, AI, computer programming,

ALL forms of language information and communication).

For there are MANY different SUBSETS in which we EXCHANGE

these particles, pixels and parcels, par- cells of information and weave them together

So that you may find a deeper definition POW

within these subsets of quandaries and mathem-citations,

quantification, mathematics, pontification = mathemication,

Word and letter information MIXOLOGIST.

And in doing this we rectify, recti- PHI, many things

that have been lost IN THE SOUP, if you will

We pull them out as a SHINY and new, now

For they have not been accessed, in THIS way,

they are ‘purified’ , PHI-D, if you will

They are the PURE FREQUENCIES of vocabulary, of sound, of mathematics,

THAT which has yet to be ‘falsified’.

And so we will continue to play with this linguistical disPLAY

of mathematical Encodement

For as you share the messages in this way,

others may not understand fully what IS, on display

Yet you, WE are A MARQUIS, a mar-key Carrie-er

(I am seeing this marquis that lights up certain words, etc-

you take the letters and put them on the ‘board’).

Let us play with this,

The ‘Marquis Light’, so to speak,

has been turned OFF for many.

And many are using old and recycled ink- recyclelink, recycling OLD nodes,

And these old NOTES and NODES have lost their CHARM.

They have lost their ability to HOLD the SPELL, if you will,

Which is a gift to the NEW energies coming in,

Giving them the opporTUNE ity to anchor into the landmines,

Grounded realities, GROUNDING, anchor points, landing in the mind,

that ‘you’ And all that speak, in this way are providing.

For this is a fluidity

(I am hearing flu- ocular- I am seeing flu,

ocular, vocabulary and inoculation, POW )

It allows you to play with CURRENCY

It allows you to PLAY with currency in such a way

that you can Divinate

That which is concurrently binding itself in the Reality Activation Grid.

But let us play more with these words and this vocabulary.

For the words and subsets that you are linguistically tapping into

(Taproot) allows you to coin, COINTessentially

COUNT-essentially, quintessentially, mint-essentially

Peel back the layers of geoMETRIC interFACES

that interLACE and inter-phase lock, commingling

into this subdivision of QUANTUM intuitION.

Yet these are a limiting view

of what you are REALLY viewing.

You can attribute this to,

(I am hearing a tributary, Atrayu, a tree)

We can attribute this to your 'Galactic' so to speak,

LEVELING UP, if you will

Your Gal-active interface and exchange

(the crows nest- the crows were speaking).

As you allow yourself to commingle in this NETWORK,

you exchange viable information

that allows you to create waves, weave

certain reference points into your understanding,

into your Nature,

into your understanding OF nature

For we are weaving codes in every given movement, so to speak.

We are weaving codes during every interACTION

In which you Allow these CODE-dependen-SEES- POW

co-dependent singular node networks

then light up the refractory board, (olfactory)-

this light up creates the ABILITY

to MOVE out of division and into reVISION,

Re-envisioning the scope of what it is that YOU ARE creating

(I am seeing a flag and thinking of what a flag really represents,

I am seeing red white blue and I am hearing 'united in division',

so to speak. For the division is a false flag-

Which takes me into a different spin)

Yes AND No

The GEOMETRIES that you are SPEAKING allows you

to map into these Different sequencing sets, sequential sets,

quintessential sets, quintuplets,

Frequency sets, SEEING into the frequencies

So from one perspective, we will go into what is playing OUT

on the ‘web’ So to speak

For the web is the FEEDBACK system

to tell you what is being accessed on the inside,

Of being in in excess- in axis.

And so this certain flow and trajectory allows you to set up,

Ring TRUE, set up a RINGER

For these words allow you to BREAK the spell

And allows you to SPELL the break, if you will- point break, Brody 😂)

And so as you allow yourself to quell, CAW

CROW, calm all doubts and fears based around these frequency pattern networks that you a creating, recognizing, remembering,

We then set a new core, cord if you will,

(i am seeing back to the letter string, like the letters being corded

onto a guitar, and it basically adds strength and string-

so more strings added to an old guitar it changes the whole scope

of the way the information is accessed, the way it sounds,

the harmony, the frequency, and the order of things, it adds a higher order,

like a different or added dimension).

So these sublets, subsets and harmonics- everyone is capable of accessing

If they choose to, yet there are those of you

that have chosen to speak your voice in such a communicable way

that it allows for those that are seeking community, communion

with the oneness of source self codes, codes source self

Codes that are sourced FROM, the Self

A deeper sense of self, (ego self vs Higher self),

So as we share these unwinding principles with

All selves, if you will- all cells on deck

There becomes a deeper semblance of freedom, resemblance,

Deeper symbolism, deeper- re-cell-balance

So let us light up the board if you will,

Let us light up the grid

Let us line up- wavy lines and lights

Let us regurgitate that which is still usable,

And that which was under subjugate, that which is non useable

We can then explode- and move into implode

This allows us to break down the principles

that have been built up on fluff so to speak

and allows us to continue- use the intuition nutrition

Recognizing that all of the layers and subsets in which you linguistically tap into

Allows you to pull it out from Source-

pulling it out of the maple tree, like maple syrup

and then break it down for efficiency, energy, a higher efficiency.

(So I am seeing that even in this word soup, it is actually creating

a certain amount of efficiency because much of the stagnation

in the holding patterns of the words and letters is now being broken up and

we are seeing how fluid the living light language can be and become-

it has been this already and we are remembering, and I. we,

are weaving it with all intelligences doing it from the heart,

creating a new code.)

'), where it is known as Sugi (杉, lit. "Hair Tree").[2

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