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SNOW- As above So Below So Within

Updated: May 22, 2019

Hello to all reading this! This one is written in flow style, but with slight 'interruptions' as 'pictures came in about what was being shared, and these will mostly be in the (parentheses). There is much more to be added, or layered on- much like the chakra videos that I recently posted on Youtube. However, I was guided to get this one out there! So here we go...!

As the snow coagulates, it creates a pattern, a grid if you will in its own right, water holds memory, it holds form, it holds a dimensional, ACCESS POINT, as this dimensional access point is made CLEAR, the light that transforms it, seeing snow to water, solid-like to fluid, liquid, holding a vibrational frequency.
As the snow transforms back INTO ITSELF, the momentary beautiful CRYSTALS that take form, are constantly embedded withIN the element of water. The water then becomes, ONE fluid shape- of ALL the INdividual aspects that make up or COMPOSE, like musical instruments.

The energetic SCALE this aligns with, the frequency patterns that were HELD when the snow fell or placed itself in molecular arrangements, of beautiful crystal composure, (reference to composition, writing and music)- these crystals have a vibration, like the crystals of the earth, the water IS a living organic substance and it FORMS, changes shapes and RE-forms based on the chemicals that it is exposed to, based on the vibration that it is exposed to.

As these vibrational levels in Concurrency, together and parallel, energetic, energizing- in flow, IN Flux, in Fluctuate, flux, flux-u8, infinite, they combine to make a beautiful crystalline PLASMAtic rainbow expression within the grid systems. (I am seeing water like in the oceans and how it has such an effect on everything- the water is in the animals that swim in it, the rain, - if we are changing the vibration on earth, and the Schumann resonance is effected by us and we are affected by it, that then changes the vibration of water. (1) AS this CHANGES the water, all THAT IS, is absorbed back into the earth and they feed each other. So, the crystals come into the earth, they are absorbed in a frequency and they are also then reactivating in other- parallel versions.

These parallel versions of the EARTH STREAMS, we shall call them- (I am wondering if they are rivers as well as ley lines?) are connected to access points in the grid system matrix, within- the matrices, (matrice- seas, both with, and within IN), of the earth, inner earth, outer earth, and awareness in the field. They communicate with one another- (I see it like fascia). And as they communicate, they EXPAND out, into a NETWORK, that then sends signals, encompasses, (in compass-es), like a directional beacon- sending signals OUT, INto the new paradigm (Play on words, -- para dime, para lell?- pair-a dime is a vibration, a number, what is on it represents an energy- a value system, but also- time- stop on a dime, and a pairing of...).

These new expressions of this unified field of oneness are then harbored (play on words-anchored and hard boarded in. There seeks a nailing in of the coffin, ( I see the glass coffin from snow white, but see it as snow or crystal- a crystal complex that crystallizes around us and around the earth in a good way). Like a complex- EGGspression,- expression of a new unified consistency. (Also, interestingly enough- coffin was the word used and not casket- according to Wikipedia, A distinction is commonly drawn between "coffins" and "caskets", using coffin to refer to a tapered hexagonal or octagonal, also considered to be anthropoidal in shape- which means resembling humans box and casket to refer to a rectangular box. -There are no rectangular snowflakes that I found. Seeing a snowflake, each person has this crystalline energy around them, but it’s not hard- it sparkles and it vibrates and looks like diamonds but is also plasma and is like a conductor-so, we are creating these conduction fields around us, and the conduction fields if they are 5-8 feet around for example, is connecting with the earth at all times, and the plants, animals, air, etc. and each other-and so it’s like (I see it plucking strings)- So it plucks the strings like an orchestra or tuning fork- As the snow is a coagulated pattern of many different refracted , refractualintial , referential patterns, they coagulate to form, FORM. (they are nesting in with each other).

Like pieces of a puzzle, fitting together to create a certain platform, a certain shape, a certain layer, (I see strata layer- ) and as these combinations then reverberate off one another, the sun reflects a different light beam, in through each individual crystal that reflected light beam, or pattern, also holds a specific light beam. (I am seeing someone like the sun, that because of their crystal formation, certain colors can get through, whereas others don’t’ – they are bounced off, but then are bounced INto OTHER snowflakes. I also see that helps to shift, they are bouncing off of each other, it creates this snow white glistening color- glowing- rather than an individualized aspect in the chakra system- that is what is coming through in the white, in all the colors , of the rainbow. The FIELD then presents itSELF in an arRAY of neuronic, neuronetwork, neuron network of pathogen- polyps, pole ups- seekin to align with the .

These patterns reflect back INto the BODY as well as OUT of the body-connecting into a FIELD system of inter-laying, inner laying communications- interlacing- inter Leying-

( I am seeing laying new Ley lines- as this is happening in the body, it is also happening on earth),

As they lay, LEY on top of each other, (they are showing me it all melting- so there is then this plasma-tic fluid like, even though it is crystal composure, between the people of earth and beyond. I see what once was a crystal and light going through the crystal, and it bounces off the hard centers, and sends it through different ports- and now it becomes more fluid and it flows through like blood. It’s got this flow, and it goes through the arteries- so like the Ley lines, the rivers, and the chakra systems- all becoming more fluid. They then flow in unity and oneness- I am seeing the heart center primarily as being the -eagle just flashed into my head as I type this and a condor-- conductor of this railway system- and also the heart of the earth-and a conductor for the railway system in the land-and I am seeing reference to footprints, stars and this is where synchronicity comes into play- Iron Duke. I think this has something to do with the iron in the earth-Iron, Irony and Iran- I ran so far away) do not get caught up in the coagulation! LOL

As the iron in the earth is stirred up- (and I am seeing reference to blood), and it changes its chemical signature pattern, it changes the frequency that all others that it branches off to relate to. This related neuro-network of pathway harmonics create a substance, substantial activating grid pattern within the earth structure a well, (I am hearing dolomite –this element is vital in the translucency of the patterns of the waves)- this dolomite responds as all crystals do to any activations that occur within the earth shield. The grid system responds to this chemical inner-change, exchange, galactic expression of happiness, so to speak.

(I am hearing the earth laughs in flowers and Dolmathkian?) The Dolomite Expresses itself in a different pattern. Once this happens, the exchange between the molecules that were once dense and coagulated become freer, and much likes the beings on earth, so too does the earth become more fluid. (so I see this in reference, it allows for expansion in a more fluid way- so whereas before it was a lot of cracking and things were breaking apart because they were so hard- it looks like that it’s more fluid, so it won’t be necessarily as violent- and they are now pulling me into violence- no, the word-violence-vi-o-lence, (violets?)-reminds me of velencia- perhaps the color? The spectrum of the ray? one of the origins of the word violence stemmed from to carry and to force toward, or to carry out something through force- keeping in mind that force is. I also feel compelled to add this from Wickepedia: In physics, a force is any interaction that, when unopposed, will change the motion of an object. A force can cause an object with mass to change its velocity (which includes to begin moving from a state of rest), i.e., to accelerate. Force can also be described intuitively as a push or a pull. A force has both magnitude and direction, making it a vector quantity. It is measured in the SI unit of newtons and represented by the symbol F. Especially considering what we will continue to write below regarding the alphabet and numbers. )

It, (Violencia, volition), speaks to you of a divine architecture- it allows for an unfolding of patterns that ware then expressed in heightened activity.

There is a refractive period in which the stellar dynamics must take play , they must take shape and they must take form in a new isolated, (ICE-elated, isosceles- Shape form- Ice-os-scales)- this interplay between stellar dynamics

There are purposes beyond mother nature for these connections- they branch out like ice crystals growing out into the field of oneness, they grow with the light. They grow with the advancement of the WHOLE.

(I am seeing snow droplets like frozen vibration, forming whatever part of form of the water that they connected with like a frozen piece of time-

This interplay of dynamics in exchange of energy if you will, information IN FORMation, is shared throughout the cosmos, it expands out into an entire grid network system that allows information to be exchanged and shared that was previously usurped. Interrupted. So as this old exchange was interrupted, the flow was not able to expand into the void that all is encompassing in, (I see a reference to water, or plasma fields).

Now this becomes a more fluid intake and outputting of expansiveness, this creates a more unified cosmic expression from the perspective of advanced society, societies, as well as growth and expansiveness of planets. For everything is interconnected, interwoven, inter-spiraled, (I am seeing spiral galaxies and music spiral), I am seeing this as a roping, UR-Roping. (I see it going out into the Universe in a spiral)- This 'europing' (2) spandex, index, codex of cards systems, (DNA, a message that DNA has strands like rope that we don’t even know about, or are just learning about that are connecting into this system, and are going to be discovered at a later time)

And this codex of information, can then be SPREAD- (I am seeing this reference to the never-ending spiral, coil. Picturing DNA strands and how they are spiraled and coiled, and they are connected in essence to one another through like a ladder- latter, latticework ladder). All of the patterns then re carried forward out into the cosmos, into the spectrum, SPEC DRUM, spectrum, so to speak- that leads back into SOURCE. And this can essentially harvest in the form of new energy, new realizations, and new inter plays between planetary consciousness’s.

This consciousness is then spelled out- (if you think of spelling, DNA- has certain letters and the combinations spell certain codes, etc.- activating certain codes, but it is also a form of communication, sequencing, a chain, form- order. Also- if you think of casting a spell- it seems like it’s binding together with something. I have a picture in my head of the alphabet going out into the soup of the universe and I see all these letters, like the letter A- floating and landing- and for example they are showing me it landing on a planet and it embeds itself in the soil so to speak, of the planetary consciousness).

This then becomes a planetary academic knowledge retrieval of lost soul star connections. The alignment matters not, for in the sequencing, of the architectural grid system patterns, these realizations will become known on a cosmic SCALE. Once this is achieved, there will be no more questions about ascension, for all will be known. All will be known ALL will BE known. All will be NOUN.

(I am having reference back to the codex, and not only the DNA memory bank- is what they are saying, but also the akashic record. )

For all is connected, once you access a certain alphabetic harmonic, phonetic, (so phonetic is also a pronunciation, but is also a play on words- corresponding between symbols and sound- I see someone speaking hieroglyphics in light language for example- keywords related- physiological production, acoustic properties, auditory perception, and neuro-physiological, it’s a sound, it’s a chord and it’s a harp. I am hearing Hark the Angels Sing- According to Wikipedia, Wesley's original hymn began with the opening line "Hark how all the Welkin rings". This was changed to the familiar "Hark! the Herald Angels sing" Welkin translates to The sky, the region of clouds; the upper air; aether; the heavens).

The sound of the SPHERES are playing for you, for these sounds are then creation-ary junctures, access points, accessible expansive consciousness awareness, as theses alphabets, alphabet soup, spirals out, bounces of the harp, heart

(I see these spheres in beautiful colors and I see it like a pinball machine and as one sounds off of one sphere, it changes the harmonic and then it bounces off another sphere and it lights of the spheres, and they create new music- I am not sure what these spheres are, and as I say this I hear, )

The spheres are aspect points of creation. They are grids of the Divinest architecture that stimulates the senses beyond one’s understanding in this Galactic parallel reality. All souls know of this in their cells and in their cellular remembrance and in this new awakening that is occurring on your planet at this time, the spheres are calling you, connecting with you and creating with you, for they are you, and you are creating within them.

This sharing of information within your cellular structure and the chemical cosmic interplay of spatial dynamics - then creates a cosmic disclosure. This is what many have been waiting for, but it may not come in the FORM that they were expecting. Nor, will it be the mainstream interplay that many seekers of knowledge would understand. (So I am seeing this in reference that it might come in the form of science, discovery- there is a lot of galactic activity, Sidebar- however, this is going to be a discovery in physics and they keep saying in astrodynamics, (3) and they say I will discover it as I look it up a little more because my vocabulary is limited in the description in the field of physics. They are saying,...)

Although you have absorbed quite a bit of knowledge within the lifetimes you have expressed this educational process, for you are a teacher of these spheres, you are an intricate weaver of delight- D-light, the light. For in your alphabetic stew, alphabet soup, (referencing phonetics, vocabulary and DNA, ), alpha –bet, understanding , there is a weaving of galactic symmetry that you pick up on in your inflow of energy. As you pick up on this, you are weaving a new spectacle, (Play on words), a new spectacular visionary expression, of what is happening in the physics realm, in the realm of physical, nonphysical, and energetic combustion.

This chamber that you resonate with , in and through, is an expression that is unavoidable (Play on words-Un- A- VOID-able). This soup, cosmic stew if you will, is your creative expression in many other realms. You are plugging into these realms of wonder, ONEder, advancement and publication for it is your expression that assists others in FEELING the FIELD. In remembering remembrances of a frequency once lost, once disconnected, once out of harmony. (I see that like tuning an instrument- and the reference to they were changed to 440HTZ when the tuning should be 432, HTZ heart). Now this is coming back into correction.

(The other thing I am being drawn back into is the alphabet soup- I am seeing Gonzo from the Muppets from space movie where he sees his alphabet soup talking to him- and the message was, ‘Watch the Sky” aka, spelling things out and rearranging things for him. LOL- Now the way I came into this synchronicity, was from a band aid I put on my finger-n the only band aids I have to fit are the Muppets band aids- this one has Gonzo being shot out of a cannon- this takes me into many parallels- including taking flight, rockets, space, launching, flying, fire, cannon= music, and the movie of course where his alphabet soup spells out messages for him. This is how the universe talks to us to lead us- (this is alphabet cereal by the way, not soup- LOL. This is also a play on what an alphabet is… what it represents to us. I see planes in the sky spelling things out).

This 'stew' of knowledge, this steeping, if you will- is settling in and accumulating more REMEMBRANCES, membrain-enses- membrane essences, remembranches, and EVACUATION points, so that the Old ways- (I am seeing instruments that are playing out low vibrations, or a mass of un-tuned instruments and sounds, getting ‘sucked out’ or blown out, like Gonzo, out of a cannon into another field)... where they will be dealt with in a loving and translucent way. (I see this energies ‘melting’ these other energies. I see ‘LOVE’ and these shadow sounds are being pulled into there and they are being absorbed into this other infrastructure, having something to do with the spheres and the harmonics).

So your grid system is accessing another potential within a parallel dimensional interplay, inner-weaving, inner expression. And as you tap into this field , there are ‘utterances’ that you will feel or sound in your harmonic display. These utterances are channeled so to speak, from a field of the spheres, the field of the knowingness of what you have tapped in your precognitive design. In this precognitive design there was a master Architect. Ark-I Tect, Arch- it ect, arc-hi-tect…(4), that is detected from your vibration and you will feel into it when the time is right. (I am seeing the angle, like a right angle).

The knowing that you express that you expose, that you supply, will then collaborate with other knowing. (I see this going out with other people as well- other lightworkers). As you come into this remembrance of the architect that you ARE, there is the field of remembrance that you must pay attention to THAT you must fully align with in order to….(LIGHT LANGUAGE listen again)

See your Divine accord- A chord, chord , seeking knowledge within brings you closer to it, Accept what you are seeing and that you are seeing the reflection of you in all things, we express in all things. We express in your expression.

Allow your architecture to steep into the alphabet soup, for in these NUMBERS are codes- and as these NUMBERS, (seeing reference to the bible- seeing the game where you take the first letter of every sentence and you put it together to make it a new word, etc. I see shapes in the paragraphs and words when I read and my eyes go out of alignment).

Read between the lines. And this architecture will present itself in a myriad of fashions, (construction, build, make- materials to make into- make shape or appearance).

(1) Example of what I have been seeing and referring to with Dr. Emoto

In Greek mythology, Europa was a Phoenician princess who was abducted by Zeus in bull form and taken to the island of Crete, where she gave birth to Minos. For Homer, Europa (Greek: Ευρώπη) was a mythological queen of Crete, not a geographical designation. Later Europa stood for mainland Greece and by 500 BC its meaning was extended to lands to the north.

The term Europe is generally derived from Greek words meaning broad (eurys) and face (ops). A minority, however, see a Semitic origin, pointing to the Akkadian word gharoob or erebu which means "sunset". From a Middle Eastern viewpoint, the sun sets over Europe: the lands to the west.

I see synchronicity in Crete, Zeus, and the bull. And of course SUNset.

(3) Astral dynamics and spatial dynamics- which after looking up, I see the two working together. Spatial- study and enhancement of humans and space, whereas astral dynamics looks primarily to be focused on astral projection, or out of body.

In Love and Light!

But wait! If you want more...see below!

(4) Architect= chief builder

Link to Muppets in space scene- just because it’s funny!

I thought the change in lyrics over the years was interesting:

"Hymn for Christmas-Day" (Charles Wesley, 1739)

Also- I invite you to read between the lines!!_The_Herald_Angels_Sing

HARK how all the Welkin rings

"Glory to the Kings of Kings,

"Peace on Earth, and Mercy mild,

"GOD and Sinners reconcil'd!

Joyful all ye Nations rise,

Join the Triumph of the Skies,

Universal Nature say

"CHRIST the LORD is born to Day!

CHRIST, by highest Heav'n ador'd,

CHRIST, the Everlasting Lord,

Late in Time behold him come,

Offspring of a Virgin's Womb.

Veil'd in Flesh, the Godhead see,

Hail th' Incarnate Deity!

Pleas'd as Man with Men t' appear

JESUS, our Immanuel here!

Hail the Heav'nly Prince of Peace!

Hail the Sun of Righteousness!

Light and Life to All he brings,

Ris'n with Healing in his Wings.

Mild he lays his Glory by,

Born—that Man no more may die,

Born—to raise the Sons of Earth,

Born—to give them Second Birth

Come, Desire of Nations, come,

Fix in Us thy humble Home,

Rise, the Woman's Conqu'ring Seed,

Bruise in Us the Serpent's Head.

Now display thy saving Pow'r,

Ruin'd Nature now restore,

Now in Mystic Union join

Thine to Ours, and Ours to Thine.

Adam's Likeness, LORD, efface,

Stamp thy Image in its Place,

Second Adam from above,

Reinstate us in thy Love.

Let us Thee, tho' lost, regain,

Thee, the Life, the Inner Man:

O! to All Thyself impart,

Form'd in each Believing Heart.

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