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Soma Quadrum

Let us go into another spin,

let us dive into a new quandary

Dive-in to, DIVE-in it, Divinate

Divine innate, divide in eighths

in FIND, 8- in PHI- nate, (innate)

We are quarrying, if you will

Digging up (quadrum)

There are questions

that are coming up

that are surfacing

based on a subset

Of genetic impulses

(pulse, line, line of pulse, IM


that are being introduced

into the brain chemistry

The brain chemistry is creating

a new bandwidth, if you will

It is creating a new heartbeat,

resonance measured, on a chart

(I am seeing this chart and heartbeat

you would see on a monitor,

and it going into space- like a signal).

This new creative speaking,


from one perspective

And we invite you to PLAY

with these words AGAIN

as a Gentle reminder that the way

that you communicate

is part of your gift, our gifts

The way that you allow

yourself to play with

certain TONES and languages

That are coming in

are PART of the MANY ways

in which the universe weaves


You’ve gotten stuck

in the mainframe, if you will

the 'Main Brain'

The logical and analytical

we refer to as the Ana-lock-It all

It puts a lockdown

on the creative aspect

And this barrier that was once

part of the brain encasement

was set up that way

As an entrapment system

to trap into the folds of the brain

Particular particle pieces

of information

that may have activated

a deeper simulation, stimulation,

if you will- stem-Lation

And as you tap into this

you recognize

that the brain is reacting to, too

(I am hearing radioactive,

and I am seeing a nuclear reactor)

The brain is reacting to all

of the harmonics

that are playing a loop if you will

(As I say loop, i am

seeing a crochet loop,

but I am seeing that the new loops

have been introduced and they

are open band loops)

So they loop into, hook in,

to introduce

and induce a particular wave, if you will

But then once they have looped

in and connected,

I am hearing the song

about vanilla ice looping

They leave, they open-

tie in and dock in, dodecahedron

do-docking-head, hadron collider,

hydrating, hydra radiating headspace

creating more space in the brain

Creating from this space,

Heart brain....


And we communicate

in a very broad bandwidth

so that the words that you remember

see feel and connect into

can bring you into any phase if you will,

I am hearing phase lock conjunction

phase conjugation

For example Vanilla Ice

leads me into Vanilla Sky the movie,

and the other Minority Report

and the time loop movie he is in

(and now as I re-read this at a later date,

Top Gun is out in theaters and the

Hadron Collider was just restarted yesterday).

Its a flavor in how you wordplay,

rap, it seems so vanilla,

but in actuality is so much-

so mach

For these futuristic representations

you are speaking of and

how you speak these words

and as you remember

how you tune into

This is going to assist you

moving forward, for words

You forget sometimes

that your looping system

is attached to a certain outcome

expectation and we remind you

that the outcome

is consistently changing

for you are consistently making

Creating, choice patterns

that reflect a changing and

ever eve loving, ever loving ever loving

landscape of flow -echomy

(Moby- everloving is mobius, and

flrefernce to whale, Moby dick)

So these brain patterns

are picking up now on a subtle,

supple frequencies that before

were blocked off, interloper-ed off

And so these receptive tanks,


were in the dark, so to speak

(I am hearing then took a tank dive,

didn’t go anywhere?

Shark tank- I am seeing the electrical

sensory system on a shark)

So the way in which we interact

with the patterns or frequencies or

bandwidths, bandwords

And we use many of these words interchangeably

for we recognize there is a logical variation

in the patterns of those words seen in

The way in which you, we communicate.

You are more likely to open

if you let go of the need to specify

the exact quantification of the pontification

that you are charting.

Charting, charging because it depletes the charge

when you get stuck on a certain subset or

category of the definition

It’s about the Journey not a destination

Just as you try to figure out

(figure eight)

exactly what the words are

that you are speaking when you are

speaking multiple linguistics,

we invite you to feel into what those words are and let go

of the need to differentiate

each word pattern in a certain way

that requires you to slow down your efficiency.

Sometimes these words just need to get out

so they can play place a certain frequency

in your own spin,

in your own bandwidth, bandwagon

in your own recognition

in your own speech patterns,

ignition, recognition,


It helps to activate the brain and

it syncs up the left and right

hemispheres of the brain

and the speech patterns are purposefully said

in such a way

that it helps to syncs them up.

(LIT, display)

And so we sync, we seek

to talk about the brain today

because the Brain patterns that we are

actively interacting with

are new to some.

And this is where versions of telepathy

begin to kick in for some

And this is where the inner work

is so important. The inner work,

the inner workings of the brain

is the key to access the domain,

the dominion in the brain, heart brain

that allows us to fully unlock the codes

and essentially get in the ‘know’ if you will.

It helps us to understand,

is it ours? Hours?

Is it ours or someone else’s and

it helps to activate a charge

so that we can decide whether to charge ahead

charge our head

or to let that particular (particle)

thought construct to move through

the system so it can be integrated or expanded upon.

(I am seeing that there might be

some ideas that we have,

but it might not be anything

we would necessarily

utilize, like a scientist might

utilize a mathematical equation

when it comes through,

but an English professor

would not know what to do

with it, or know what it is.

I am being shown that it helps everybody

utilize or have access to more information

but we are also learning how to pick up the pieces

pick out the pieces, musical peaces

and tune into what is going

to help us individually,

and rather than being stuck

with all of this information,

with no application.

We are then able to filter it better.

(I keep having this reference to whales and krill and

that they filter out certain things when they are feeding

so they don’t ingest the wrong food like

certain nutrients not necessary for their body,

and I am hearing whale speak,

like Dory remembering that she speaks whale-

in the movie, Finding Nemo and we are remembering,

and also HOW they communicate. Play with this)

And so we tune into this architecture

and let go

of the need to clarify all.

So as we clarify certain representations and quandaries,

we allow ourselves to map into this new frequency

And this new frequency of harmonics

Then allows us to INTERLOPE with certain people

who are also picking up on these harmonics

(It’s almost like we ping off each other,

and this is how it is supposed to be)

We are then able to fulfill (krill?)

certain contractual obligations,

if we wish to call them that.

(I am seeing a map, and that we have for a blueprint,

I chose to live here, and 20 other people I contracted with

live here as well, and when we connect,

we ping -drop pins on the map,

and essentially lock down

in the mapPING system,

where we live on the map, and also in our bodies

This helps us to fulfill certain needs, needful things,

both things we need, and experiences

Divine orchestration of the blueprint. )

This has been been put on hold for many.

Yet this is also activating for many-


So we are subtracting from

a certain number of people,

For whatever reason, that have been delayed-

but I am seeing the ones

that do activate this, it will be stronger

so the whole harmonic is louder

and a longer wave-

farther away, longer distance

and more effectively signaling.

(Thinking of my uncle who has passed,

and his graduation based on what my grandma

told me in a meditation- who has also passed,

and then my stepfather telling my sister in Dreamtime

that he is moving on, and I am wondering

if this is all connected because of the timing or

is this separate, and I am hearing both).

For as you access more pictures,

as you access more abilities,

you shift the realities in such a sway

that it has such a ripple effect in the quantum exchange field

That the field can't’ help but respond by moving.(fascia)

And this is part of the resolution

that many contract holders have been waiting for.

(I am laughing because I am seeing the shape of

Dori, the fish in the middle of the street

on the asphalt in a water outline)

Dori could not remember

because she had been traumatized

and she was lonely, and that has been

what has happened too many people,

from one perspective).

Also, One layer of this is that the reality

that we think of and the astral

works in a different way

than what we think.

The trauma that we have accumulated

has created a 'disconnect' in so many ways

But we are fusing together by refusing

to give into the dialogue box, POW,

the dialogue that has kept boxed in,