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Sonic sonnet

And as we feel into the sounds

Are being emitted from our bodies,

as we feel into the sound

and the frequency

That is all around

with us

as us

moving through us,

Coming from us

We begin to reverberate

A particular sound quality

A value system

We begin to frequent

More frequency

More frequently

into this frequency

We begin to uplevel and

renew this abilty

To recognize

a higher exchange ability

We come INTO the ability

To Exchange information

A higher frequency, a higher base

We raise our baseline,

We allow ourselves to line up

with A deeper resonance

So many of us

are being CALLED

to line up with

The resonance the heart

based frequency of relativity,

Lining up With our true relatives

It’s all relative,

Relating to, one another

(as in the theory of relativity, gravity

The spin, the heart coherence).


So as we allow ourselves to tune

into these signatures

These sets and symbols through

Letters, wording, or movements,

or patterns, or mudras

Or thought, frequencies

of higher levels of

maturity-Match surety

We come back into a higher dominion

A higher frequency of appreciation (maturation)

A higher attuntment, at one meant

And so what we feel is happening

all around us in the field

Is then interpreted and then signaled back

to us in a particular form

And so we are then informed

We are then accessing this information and

then signaling it BACK out

Out into, into the environment

Into the field

This then becomes an exchange,

we are exchanging with

the frequency all around us

That we are held within

And we are exchanging this information,

in formation

And we tell the FIELD what it is

we wish to know more of

This is a play on words

for we know more already

Yet many of us are not accessing

what it is that we know

At our highest capacity

that we could be


For this is an electrical signaling,

an electrical configuration

So the higher our electricity

that we have access to

And the higher the abilty

we have to access this

Or the higher capacity or or capacitence

that we are able to hold

This charge

We then begin to send out more charge,

we begin to send out more signals

We then fire more synapses that allow us

to create a frequency of information,

language, signature, signals,

signify , Cigna-phi

(I am seeing Greek letters

of the alphabet, and Roman numerals)

We then creat our own code,

We create a network, if you will

Of information that holds a code

That is the key to unlocking the codes

The code to MORE.

Yet more is perhaps misunderstood

For many people are looking for more

For they do not understand

that they already have the score

(The music, the numbers, the final

And current numbers of the game,

A count, a rhythm).

And so then we begin to exchange

information in real time

Yet what is real time if time is not real

from one perspective?

Yet it is real, in our reality

In the reality that we are

interwoven and connected into

That we are weaving,

(see the beginning of this writing)

And so we are being called

to create from THIS

combination of higher frequency sets

(Combinations, doubles, matches,

this can be with people also).

As we set the bar higher,

as we raise our standards

We raise this orchestra,

as we raise the symphony

As we raise the orchestration

of the symphonic components

That access our subconscious

or that we Access

at subconscious levels,

Or that our subconscious accesses

or has access to.

We begin to key in different frequency sets

That create new keys (KI,keys, notes, qui’s)

That create new combinations

That give us the access to

The combination to

The already known, (be still and know)

I am seeing keys,

that are coming out of sound

Like something in Harry Potter

that just appears because we

Are keying in a combination locks.

Because of our heart coherence

We stabilize our field,

we stabilize our frequency,

We send out a signal in the field

It creates a geometric code that keys into

Our bodies, in our DNA

That opens this combination lock

That we didn’t even realize existed

That unlocks a combination of MORE

So from another perspective

We’re creating our reality

When We allow ourselves to learn,

more know more about who we are

And when we come into gratitude,

appreciation, That key appears,

Another level to this game

that didn’t existed before

Yet we know that its been there

the whole time

(And that’s a play on words)

So we are creating our reality

We are accessing what we didn’t know

we had access to

Yet deep within we always knew

That we are not only accessing something

We are the something that is

giving us access to

These higher codes,

And while this multidimensional perspective

Seems very complicated and complex

We, my fractals that is me,

a collective from different dimensions

We are offering a perspective

of multidimesnionalty

so that you can feel into the field

that we are accessing

(We as in all of us)

So then extend our feelers

Out into the field

And it extends itself back to us

And we begin to weave

(I am seeing brain synapses

that create branches

And these branches

that become signifiers

They signal and they fire

They are signifiers of where we are in time

They Cigna phi the fractal ,

Fibonacci, golden mean

(Numbers are changing in the geometric mathematical patterning

(Geometrical- metric, measurement,

geometric- electrical)

The human blueprint and our DNA-

So we send out these signifiers

that signify to the field

that we are ready for more

And then when we open to more

When we open to,

open to 2 more,

(double, we double it up,

when 2 or more gather,

We then allow ourselves to into

double to triphold,

We become more

And when we become more,

We know more

When we know more,

its that inner knowing from within

That gives us the abiltiy to

Create a new dominion- (see ATP)

A new dimension, a new reality

A new version of reality

From one perspective

From a very simplified version,

It all it is based on our perspective

Which is a geometric configuration or angle

Or spin that points us in a particular direction

And then we spin again and we see

things at a 360 degree

All around, we can see our past,

our future and all around

We can see parallels

And those can seem ….

We ;begin to line up

With more

Of what it is we truly desire

from the true inner fire

That is our original blue star fire-

our original blueprint

Sapphire- Sa- sew, do re me fa so la T do-

(a musical type note, although not exactly

to this scale)

SA- phire, staircase, DNA- blue energy

Even the word blue-

has a sound and an association

Water, and blue flame light-

So when we increase this fire inside of us,

(Do RE me fa so la te Do- SO= soLAr, StArphire)

With the help from the sun which is outside, yet stirring our senses inside

Therefore is it really outside?

Firing at a lighter, higher rate of variability

It creates an ability to respond-

And send out a response simultaneously

To the environment, to the field,

And this is this creationary aspect and

the charge, capacitance

That many of us are really beginning

to access right now

Right now right now

And those synapses keep firing

What I am also being shown

is that this is creating branches

And we are connecting with our fellow

StArphire brothers and sisters

Who hold the same charge

Why would we want to attract someone

who holds the same charge?

It’s helpful in some cases to attract

that particular person

Of that particular lineage POW

Line of energy, age line-

Line of frequency in this now moment,

At this time, during this age-

This maturity

It has a certain number and geometry

associated with it

And a certain pattern in the vibratory field

And when 2 or more gather,

It creates a bigger charge,

the double to triple

And so we start to group together and

create these families of energetic signals

That then combine together

Signify an advancement-

it signifies to the universe

that we are advancing.

Our body is also the YOUniverse, and

this signals to our body to advance ,

in advance, in advancement,

Van enhancement

Dancing together in this collective movement

We are also doing this at an individual level, (universe and YOU-inverse)

It does not mean necessarily

that we are going to meet

this person in the physical

We are doing this already, and

we are also doing it

whether we realize it or not

through our interactions

More and more of us are going to connect

with our star siblings

Recognizing that these are our stistars and

brothers from other…

Dimensionary- dissension-ary, ray-

POW- emissary

Dimensions, -patterns, merging together

patterns, and dimensions

A portmanteau of words and dimensions-

rays, patterns, etc

And so this may be a highly advanced

seeming or technical,

Way of communicating

Or it might just sound like jibberish

Yet this jibberish happening holds a spark as well

It holds a key to the alchemy

That we create as humanity

Unfolds and expresses itself, (in diversity)

And so while we are communicating,

I am communicating in this language format,

We are simultaneously formatting

how it is that we communicate

With our environment,

With one another and the environment is simultaneously formatting or blueprint

in for us Mapping,

This communication

(I am seeing ATP and proteins)

And this can feel like pressure

Earlier, i was speaking about the sun

The energy coming from the sun,

As above so below, as within so without

This is happening inside of us for we are the sun

From another aspect, as another aspect

As part of the fractal of source

We are going to feel this pressure building, POP

We then signal to each other, let us play

Let us expand and play tougher

(I am seeing a playground, a merry go round

What can we play with now,

making new friends,

What can we create?)

How creative can we be?

We then attune and create

a symphonic, symphonetic

Kinetics symphony adjustment in the field

We displace that which is no longer….

No longer

(Cancels out the old…

interference, wave interference)

We are sending signal that dissolves, or has an impact

On everything- ripple ripple

And this stabilizes from one perspective

the new reality

What many people are calling

the new earth,

or what many people have been

calling the 5th dimension.

And while this dimension already exists

And we are already in it

from one perspective

From another perspective

we are simultaneously creating

This higher dimensional field

by what we are now

And that is a play on words

What we are NOW

What we are holding now,

the energy we are holding,

the charge, the creationary aspects,

The feelings the thoughts the patterns

And so sometimes it requires us

to find a partner

(I am seeing square dancing and

do-c do)

sometime it Requires us to find a partner

to yodel with-

And using our voices, and

we come together in song and dance and vibration,

(And creative ways- science, math- in all ways)

And we combine these frequencies

and it enhances one another

And so we are invited to use

this star fire in unison along with our star

(The sun)

We are invited to combine

our frequencies as sisters and brothers

And us our inner star power phire

to create new patterns

For everything is a sound, a sonnet,

a sonic, a sun-it, boom

Boon, this is a boon, this is a gift,

it is a sonnet being SUNg

By the universe

In response to us singing out,

this is what we are NOW

This is what we are creating

And so if reaches, recharges,

it reaches back to us to give us the support

That is required for us to bring up

these new geometries

And this allows us to reformat

our mainframe, our experience

It allows us to reformat our signals

It signals to us what our body needs

to reformat as well

Our cells are changing

Our cellular structure is going through transmigration,

Transmutation, new figuration

(Figure 8, infinity, transformation,

Transformative restructuring

at the cosmic scale, level,

POW- cosmic- cause, MIC

Cosmic, karmic, carbon is all moving shifting,

With this dynamo- (sun).

So we will end on this note,

As we upgrade, as we uplevel,

as we increase our charge

We begin to hold more charge

Therefore we begin to hold more

We begin to know more

And we begin to have access

to more notes-

(Value, music, cord, written,

and so it is written)

On our DNA, and so it is written

on the walls of the subway walks*

So as we look at this,

As we SEE each other,

for more than meets the eye

We begin seeing eye to eye

On many different levels

While we may feel the inability to cross paths with certain people we see

We start to recognize the inequality key, qui-KI, energy,

The inequality that we have been seeing perhaps in the past

This gives us the opportunity to equalize our experience, POW

Into balance the scales

We begin to equal eyes- I see you

And this may feel at times difficult

Yet we are continually making adjustments

as the human

In order to create more abundant records-

(Past records, of our history, recording, holding something, it is a sound, cataloguing, a story,)

And this we then imprint into our DNA

Our ark-its true, our architecture

And we download more bytes of information

That hold more

So this is then passed Onto future generations

that gives them access to more

And this is how we do it-

And this allows us to roll our (the red carpet)

And this has a snowball effect

Synapses- branching out and this is a good thing

We begin to feel into goodness of humanity and we come

Back to the original blueprint

That has been perhaps put aside for some (POW)

Sun- value, for when we take a side- one side

we are not in balance with the true one,

on what is on the inside)


Also reminds me of c note and it stands for c


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