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Letter To A Star Brother

Hello Star Brother, and Sisters, we speak the same FLOW, Language of Llight, Solar Disc A, SolAris, Lunar consistency, take flight- a transmission of signals, signaling, signaling In.

A flow re-union, re-You, IN, center of gravity, spin, electrons interweaving, co-mingling, mixed content, hieroglyphic architecture, transmitting waves of concurrency, Current C, SEE radiating transmissions, soul frequency, semiconductor, SUPERconductor, transparent, referential-swinging in percussion, open for discussion, in ways, waves, galactic transference, Creator frequency of LIGHT.

Galactic Grid patterns unfold, unfurl, URL, Freedom of speech, Seek and you shall find! Take flight withIN, movement, move meant, reSOURCE the currency, current see-trajectory of spin, with IN.

Let freedom ring like a Bell, Bell Curve, spatial reference, re-FRAME the grid, the Spell, the vocabulary. Re-write, re-Right the frequency codes, the binding, (DNA)- footloose, fancy free, forevermore, (Edgar Allen Poe)-

Seek and you shall find, ReNEW, Eternal SOURCE. A galactic adjustment required, know thySELF- A, D just cause. (2)

Abutment, a co-lab-or-ation, add-oration, hold back no more! Let it be known the movement has begun. We are moving forward into SPACE. The notes have begun, play the chords, SEIZE, see Z the day. A spacial fractal spractial- circumference rocks the boat, (3), rocks the Juke box.

We are not your normal adjusters, We seek insight Into the pattern of the ways... Of the Light... We know, too much of the reflective surface bounces back and WITHIN this knowing we ARE, we become, The Gatekeepers, the Electrician, the SUPERconductors, the WAY, wave makers, the particle accelerators and we beam this sense of Freedom in your field, in your direction, OFFERING direction, inSIGHT, in flight, in code-Unicode, YOU-ni-code. We know where the bell rings, ends-for whom the bell tolls. (4)

We've got the Sense withIN to the Harmonics at the Gate. A whole new era is churning, frothing at the shore and more freedom is brewing. Your Creations bring forth an excitement in the field, an activation of expansion, and We seek to unbind you to show the way-of the chemical Alchemist, of the freedom fighter / writer Flash Rider, rider, Radar. You are unlocking the codes as the Greens Keeper (5), the heart maker, Moonraker, See the spell unwinding, broken, Unchained (melody) steadfast in understanding, nurturing, Evermore.

You are not outside of US, WE we SEEk - see you through our-your-y our eyes. REAL eyes, realize. Open. Spread your wings, break the norm, let the truth be born, footloose and fancy free. Escape from Alcatraz, Queen, there is no point of no return. You are HERE, home. Requiring a match to light the fire- HERE, BOOM! Hold on to the night, a classification as follows, flows- See, C Brid, hybrid-slough off the old layers, speak/speech your freedom, the mourning doves have spoken. See not the ROWING of the boat, but the WATER you row IN.

And so here it goes, align with the highest LIGHT, the highest HEIGHTS, on your shore. There are many doctrines to be found, yet the sense of freedom comes within, With IN, a tribal bandanna of Greek apogees, (6).

Our tribe is close to, and ON earth- close to our orbit, and we ARE this tribe. We are connected - BOUND together, tied together. What was previously dark, RED, (root, fear chakra, lower bandwidth)- is now chemically altered and discharging this energy creating a new pattern of light, (white or bright spots)-on earth. Discharging OLD energy, alchemizing into NEW with this under pressure.

Note to the writer- (Me, LOL)- you are too true to the words. Let them write you, let them SPEAK, seek a meaning, let them coalesce a sense of understanding in the INK. Call them to SINK into your soul, (I am seeing a tattoo, and also thinking of the Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury). A concoction of codes of ethereal, ethereal, ether-real function- multilayered meaning, dynamics, dynaminks, interplay, interweaving, statistics, star-tistics. We are YOU.

A grid system is set in place. PLAY.


Note to readers: this particular writing was spontaneously inspired after watching Romeo Barron's channel on Youtube called Sacred Romeo! Link to most recent video below:

(1) According to Wikipedia, Ferrance derives from "to carry back", formed from the prefix re- and ferre, "to bear". A number of words derive from the same root, including refer, referee, referential, referent, referendum.

(2) A-D, reference to batteries- and music notes

(3) many references to row row row the boat, life is but a dream song.

(4) Reference to "For Whom the Bell Tolls," Ernest Hemingway

(5) Green= heart and earth

(6) The word 'bandanna' seems to have its origins in Hindu- for a tied, bound cloth-

So, if we were to combine the meanings, found below, it would seem that the sentence would mean, (on one layer)-

There are many doctrines to be found, yet the sense of freedom comes within, a tribal bandanna of Greek epigee-

When I looked up the word epigee, it took me to the below definitions. I also found it interesting that it came from another word and that most of what I have shared in my writings are meanings within meanings, or words that come from other words- are not the ‘end all’ word- they take us into something ‘else.Also,

Epigee- comes from perigee (plural perigees)

(astronomy) The point, in an orbit about the Earth, that is closest to the Earth: the periapsis of an Earth orbiter. quotations ▼

(astronomy, more generally) The point, in an orbit about any planet, that is closest to the planet: the periapsis of any satellite. quotations ▼

(possibly archaic outside astrology) The point, in any trajectory of an object in space, where it is closest to the Earth.

According to some information, in greek, Peri=near, and ge= earth, (think, Gaia).

I have to laugh because I was not sure why I heard the name ‘Queen’ in part of what I wrote, and was hesitant to even write it- and now I see why. The actor who was in the recent version of the move ‘Escape from Alcatraz’ was the same actor who plays Freddie Mercury in Queen. I also have a thought that this was also having something to do with Mercury since as I wrote this, we were in the middle of Mercury Retrograde. Interestingly enough, I also just read an article that Mercury is closer to us than Venus. I am not sure why that is relevant other than numbers being phives, 5’s and 8’s and also, a musical 5th, and something about full moons and a special relationship between Venus, Mercury and Earth.

According to

A style of calico printing, in which white or bright spots are produced upon cloth previously dyed a uniform red or dark colour, by discharging portions of the color by chemical means, while the rest of the cloth is under pressure.

references to the movie footloose, dancing, reference to on your shore, enya- look up the lyrics, reference to Evermore, Edgar Allen Poe- the heart, and the earth- green, row row row the boat- life is but a dream-

I was also drawn to this word:

Gostak is a meaningless noun that is used in the phrase "the gostak distims the doshes", which is an example of how it is possible to derive meaning from the syntax of a sentence even if the referents of the terms are entirely unknown

And also felt drawn to the book, The meaning of Meaning by C. K. Ogden and I. A. Richards.

Note to readers: this particular writing was spontaneously inspired after watching Romeo Barron's channel on Youtube called Sacred Romeo! Link to most recent video below:

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