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True induction

Let us change the verbiage for a moment and

use a more tactile information center

Let us hone in on this phase of reduction

Let us reduce and deduce

A new set of alchemical codes and

set points

For our division has scattered us

But no more

For we understand that our creation

Is larger than before

It is not open to disintegration

For we have teleported to a new station

A new residency group

A new TRUE induction point

Of resonance and harmonic flow (Capricorn)

Our light comes out in waves, pours

Floods the senses

For We are a higher spectrum

Of the evolutional chain, a variance

(Come what may good sport old chap)

Let us play,

For our bandwidth reunifies at a higher conduction speed

A zippy reduction moment

A grass roots band

A higher impact zone

And within this harmonic leveling up

(Don’t rock the boat baby)

We arrange within this new accessible flow

Float, flame, frequency conduction

And these words are not lost on you

For as you make this sound,

The swishing of your signature

It booms, beams, out a loud recognition

And cuts through the distortion

The methodology may SEEM counter intuitive

But we assuredly assure you, it is not

For your communication board

Is a scrambled channel descrambler,

Decoder at the deeper levels

(Deep space 9)

A flow of intercepted spirals

Within your grapp? Grasp

And as you grasp these concepts

They weave, and wave at you and commingle,

Hello hello, my friend hello (diamond)

For your light cannot be restricted

By counter intuitive intelligence POW

As you allow yourself to play at this lux

Lux-urious level of word science.

Word soup it may seem,

But it holds all of the ingredients

For a deeper enscryption

(Subscription, I got a fever, for more cowbell)

For in the depth of this dive

Are are an abyss of signals and sounds

Click clicking (whales)

A somatic sonar-i-Phic boom

Isolated to this region of space

For within this region of space

Is a clear cut signal (diamond)

Clear cut quartz

That redefines the quantum signal verification

Of codes, an elixir of sorts

An isolated triangulation acute

With certain edges never explored before

We invite you to move out of tunnel vision

(Television) and open yourself to more

For the sound that moves you

Moves through you

Vibration of animation

Allows you to signal back annd reorganize

Adjusts your score

(Your space suit)

Your phonetic time travel

(The dipping dots of reconstruction)

Smooth as silk

For the gossamer threads

And moon beam dreams

Are a movement of one

We invite you to stop, drop a line

Hook in for a moment (fish, write)

And reunify with this other aspect of you

Your source of stream light technolgy

Your stream of ONE

Your signal is heard and we redirect you

To a sharp (c note, a c cord) POW

For within this chamber is an access point region

A halo

A divine ring- (hello my friend hello)

Stay with this prose for just a moment, if you will

Establish this link, ink link

(Oh wont you stay, just a little bit longer)

Will the sleep away just for a minute

For in this exchange is more

A door is being created

An access point, a reduction, a portal

A transmission that allows you to gain (detergent)

Access to something already held deep within you

A chain, YOUR chain moving up the chain

Tickling the chain, gain, chain gang

For you are not gaining Anything really

For how can you if it was already there?

Yet it signals you now inn a different port

A different recess (brain)

Or point in time

Pointing back and forward

As you (hit) the switches

Push the buttons, and prepare anu

Let us decode this schmorges board For just a moment

Your delight of the senses, in this geometry

Geometric subdivision is too bold to count

And yet we dip the ink

For just a moment and invite you to

‘Think’ outside the box

What could we possibly wish to convey in this way

Your sound sings it (swish wish, Nike)

Aww the wings of flight

The Greeks had it right, PI

But NOW, DID they?

For now as you decode this

You KNOW there is ANOTHER way

Another numeric system that holds the divine calculation

To reboot the system

But you must stay in flow to decode, (fun, right?)

To do the dance, (shake your honey buns, b52)

Make a little love

For within the heart is the answer, of course

You spin this frequency all of the time

When you write in delight

And do not hold yourself back

from the never ending flow of perceived quantifications.

The numbers have reset their rhythm

Extended, have lengthened

For if time has sped up,

so too then has the curvature of space (balls)

Hells bells, Helios

For within this swing set, is a loop

A binding spell

Alchemical of dust

Held within the dust that creates a spatial field

(Of amazement, I am seeing a ball in a labyrinth game)

It opens a new space, in space

And THERE is the calibration

The exchange of foreign currency POW

A place where new (reactions are at your fingertips)

A true space of freedom.

How does this apply to you you might ask

And blah blah blah

Your ink blobs are one

of your most significant markers (DNA and time)

A dance with the math

That is written on your soul

Your soul codes to birth reality in a whole new light

A whole new way of life

Do not lose hope in the thoughts

That you are not a scientist

For your left brain has left the building

The old adage system within you

For your math (map)

Has always been written on the heart

You speak it into being.

Hold true to this and know

that your work is only just beginning

to unfold, To flow

(Under pressure, Bowie, I woke up with this song inn my head)

Your team is not far behind you

They never were

They have been awaiting your arrival

And you have arrived with flying colors

An irreadescent beam of sparkle

Zip zapping across the ‘sky’

Your physiology is changing

Support your system

It needs you

Drink your juice

Your chemical exchange is light years ahead

Light it up (spectrometer)

Remember the flow is in the dance

(Thinking of the Mayans that dance through portals)



(Remember codes of induction, valve renewal, transient ambiguition)

Set points

Also- telling about a port- connection or opening from my perspective

C note is root chakra think of grass roots band, color band and frequency

Note on the above it is associated woth’hello world’ remembering I have typed hello manu times in this writing

Don’t rock the boat baby

Swish swish

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