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Unlocking the magic...squares

ahh it has been awhile since you have placed pen to paper, letting the ink flow spilling forward words of insight so to speak, Let us underline the higher intent in this verbage,

you are in a new. shift, (A line dress)- setting up for a. swoosh, and in line, syncing up

if you. will, sinker-

It is important to keep at a steady pace to stay above water with the many ideas, facets- that are surfacing surging, yet this content is merely one aspect of an entire DOS ILE, no system domain, if you will.

For your word patterns reflect a secret pin, a secret spin, a category of enlightenment, in penmanship, human pin ship the flow of words creates aqualine. equaline, flows of light frequency. transmitting symbols mechanics. mechanics that many have CAST. aside as irrevelent, irreverant.

So let us speak of of the new codes- the new nodes, notes, the new points of reference, of relevence, of the new spin and the directional pull, pole

that many have taken.

For all has shifted, changed course, changed direction. Taken a new direction. a new course of action, a new interaction. There are many new access points at HAND, within your hands, you hold the keys to unlocking the squares- the magic squares, connecting the. dots- accepting challenges and changing the sequence- of events that were once locked into catastrophic heretics, are now doubled down- twofold, threefold into higher alchemical framework, frameword patterns- choicepoints that have been accessed, coded into your own codes and. frameworks- seen with a wider view. perpective angle, pattern.

That which WAS the cube, (rubix, ruby, cube)- is now expanded and the shapes available to spill into are exponentially accessible, changing ALL shapes of our reality. Folding points, talking points....

Creative shapeshifers, YOU are. Accessing fuller potential potencies of the universal spectrum- See THROUGH the dynamic spin to the frequencies whirling all around you. For you are in a SEA of refreshed number patterns, grids are moveable, and. exchangeable- changeable, exchanging with eachother patterns. never seen or expressed before in this way. It is a beautiful display, of mathematical composition- (seeing math and writing and. music)- a quark, a quarry, expression, (mining for a heart of gold)- hold the patterns in your site, sight- and rethink them into existence, into awareness. For they hold within them a glow of EXOTIC configurations. (alchemy adjustments)- quark co-evaluations, coagulations.

You are viewing a mesmerizing spectrum of particle exhange that lights the grid in phenominal ways- ways of ions exchanging PEARLs of information, pearlized unparalleled in other dimensions, creating a massive shift of quantum. sparticles-- sparks and particles, accelerating consciousness at a mass evoltuionary scale....

A cold fusion has begun- unencumbered by the lower levels of transmution. For all that is past, passed the quantum layers are untraceable, filled trace. elements- morphing before our very eyes, tracing back to the begining of time- yet erasing much of what no longer exists.

This quandry is of a spacial. reference , a special space- held within a realm of crystalline composit, (etch a sketch)- a magnetic. resonance that creates a doorway into another realm, a bridge

if you will... scribbles, scribe Transcribe, post resonance- Rose-line, ALINE, Align, ally ALL is aligned.

(I asked a rose bridge?- the cold, cooling display of snow crystals, patterns in the ice is what I am seeing)- (scribing. stone?)-

Let us get back to the basics, home base, as you transcribe this information that you are tuning into, attuned to, setting your spin resonance as you alchemize into a deeper layer of self expression, self expansion, formatted in your match (fire, math match)- your mathematical computation, glow- GLOW_ (hearing neuronic star as I type this- neutrino glow)- inner resonance capability, for you are surpassing the human need, so to speak for specific calculations- to support your theories-(trust)- for the theories are quandries, quadrants- weigh lines, and nets that encase, encompass the fabric of spatial reference- intonations, co creative dominance- domino dance, Resonance Elegant calculation patterns that have no spatial referencce for the space is not set.

Ready set RUN, Runes spell out potentials, rune rabbit rune- Rumi- Run- E, serpent and the rune-bow- Hold onto this spell for a little while, play with the elegant, (LACE) Elegance, lines of domninoes, set free your need to understand the exact moment when all of THIS became real- realize the patterns in your head, ahead of time-

For you are calibrating at a quantum. calibur- callibration, calculation, . Let us Divy up DIVVY, up the underliying patterns, allow the codes to code in, if you. will, click into a circumferance (seeing circle and spiral)-- cooling down, the arifacts POW- the official ART that is found withhin a lower display, displaces the calculations.

A deeper landscape is

expressing itself to you,

a tribunal circumferance, A creative landscape that has. dozens of exponents components. compounds, layers within layers- unknown to the average bear BEAR- (carebears know, carebears care)- Bear in mind these components are within the deeper scape, scope of laid lines, (ley lines)-

All is well, (play on words), All hail the king- the GRID king.

SLip slide away the slippery slope of tribunal patterning are set within the archaeology of the greater knowing, nouning- quantum mechanics void of space- so to speak. Their special spatial relevane needs. reorganization- The elegant patterns need some shuffling- the shuffle, the truffle shuffle- lets out a sigh that squeezes the pressure through the SOUFFLE.

Your wording allows for a. multidimensional upleveling, if you. will, For many words hold an underlying underlining pattern that LIMITs the expance. How many pictures, thoughts, feelings, visuals are associated with the word SOUFFLE- vs interferomity? Ahhh and now you see, you play with the alphbet soup. The scone, scope of word play- the juice, the nutrients are. innumerable- (nutrients--nutrinos)-

Let us shake up the hat so to speak- why me migh tyou ask? I am hearing the lyrics, 'and the. meek shall inherit the earth' from. RUSH- (keynotes) you may toss this aside, if you. choose- but we know this will be put. to good use- For it will

display for others their own chorus- chords- letters of alchemy wisdom, that. each holds in their recipe book- FLASH PAN so to speak. Lt the dominoes fly, flow- spell out. for you what is all aroiund.

Let all that is within you come out up and play. The best is yet to come, and won't it be GRAND. (piano) and so it is. The word soufflé is the past participle of the French verb souffler which means "to blow", "to breathe", "to inflate" or "to puff".[1][2][3]

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