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So as we go into this space, as we open

To what this space holds,

We feel into the spaciousness of it all

We begin to open to all forms

Of communication that we have access to

And we offer this interpretation based

On our own experiences,

Based on what it is we have seen, been,

Expressed and so on and so forth

And we are invited in this now moment

To allow ourselves to reunify

With all aspects of ourselves

We are much more than we give ourselves credit for

For many of us feel we lack

In experience

And we lack

In education, or we lack in abundance

And we would sit here in this now moment

And invite you to feel into this now moment

And recognize this is not the truth at the core

Of who it is that we really are

For we are all connected at the core

At the heart

In reality to something much deeper than our human idea

Of what we think we are

And so therefore, we may never really know

From a human perspective

How much it is that it is that we add to the collective

How much it is that we have the power to co create together

And collaborate together in this waveform of frequency and energy

And so in these transitions and

in these many other transmissions

That these higher collectives offer

Whether they be Angelics, or galactics, or future versions of ourselves

Merely held within higher dimensional access points

Whether they are the elementals

Or the beings that are held

within particular collectives of frequency

or energy that hold no form

Yet offer pure love and light particle exchange

For we are connected to all of those ‘things’

Through all of these versions of the fractal

that we are all connected through and to

Now is such an important time

For us to step out of our own way

To step out of our own old shoes, one might say

We are being called to move out

of this time based currency

That many people have been stuck in

The idea that the value we give

to a particular thing or concept

is more important than

the value we give to ourselves and

to what our value truly is

Meaning, the values that we give something

Hold value-They stick.

It is our belief that gives something value

And yet we would play with this a little more and

recognize that the value

Or the mathematical composition or

The source

is more than what we believe it is at times.

And yet this is all intrinsically interwoven in this word play

So we are being called to really feel

how important our attention is

We are being called to FEEL

what it is we are giving our attention to

For when we offer our energy

When we offer, giving something value

We are GIVING something value

And so why not look within and

give ourselves the value, (attention)

And give ourselves the opportunity

To value ourselves

in a much higher capacity

For we have a much higher capacity

for growth and power

Than many of us really value LOL

Many people are hesitant to let go

of certain connections

For they have valued them for so long.

Or perhaps because those connections

Whether they be people places or things, or memories,

Whatever it might be,

People feel like they give them value,

(the things give US value)

Someone may say to them,

“Hey, I really like you” therefore we can’t let them go

Because they really like us, they give us value

Yet, is that really important?

We are being called to look within

And ask ourselves what makes us shine?

And recognize the SHINE comes from within

We are being invited to allow ourselves

to peel back the layers

That we have been encapsulated within

That we have covered ourselves up with

To try and give ourselves more importance

And recognize what is really important

is what’s deep inside

At the heart, IN the heart

AS the heart of the true expression of love and light.

And the more we CAN come to this realization

The more we begin to realize

That WE ARE coming to this realization

For it is already within us.

These are difficult times for many

And the difficulties are many

Yet there are few and far in between

that cannot rise above

What is being shown and coming up in between.

For those of us that are reading

In between the lines

We are beginning to recognize

that we are the ones

Holding the line

We are holding the lines

(I am seeing lines of communication,

safety lines, docking lines, lifelines)

We are holding the lines

for those who feel lost in the shuffle

Yet we must also hold our own line,

life, lifeline, In alignment

with what it is that we value most

Fromm our true heart alignment.

And so if that person place or thing

Does not constructively align us with

what brings us joy

Then that is not something we necessarily need

to continually give our energy to.

For we are not really taking away

from anyone but our selves

When we give our attention and energy to something

that is not deeply intrinsic with knowing thyself.

It is not selfish to do what we need to

In order to co-create and convey

And in order to be in a place of measured bliss

And this is a play on words,

For measurement IS value

(Measuring up)

And bliss can be measured

And we bring this back to certain measurements,

such as Musical measurements and value systems,

Keys and quantity, we bring

ourselves into the space of symbology

And the measurements of sound

For the bliss that we make

when we are in a state

Of love, of compassion of joy, of play

Is truly MAGNIFICENT and

Is truly what brings us to our maximum potential.

Our maximum view

For when we are in our place of bliss

Or harmonious exchange

With the universe, with each other, with our bodies

This is a quantum entanglement, after all.

It allows us to work at a quantum scale,

a rhythmic exchange in wave form,

(Value- exchange).

It allows us to exchange WITH the waveforms,

And the spins and the toroidal field

In a measurable way that is a harmonious exchange

That creates a higher music, sound- harmony

This allows us to stabilize the lifeline

It allows us to stabilize this life,

and this lifetime

play with this a bit

This allows us to stabilize TIME

And how we operate WITHIN it in THIS lifetime

In this particular life and how we live

It allows us to line up WITH more life

(Life force, value, etc, just being more alive),

By being more alive and

Less of, giving our life force away.

We are being called to direct

our attention to that particular subject

Or that particular topic

For within that particular subject

There are those what would subject themselves

To self abuse, or beating up oneself

Making ourselves feel bad

We may say I can’t stop talking to this person

Because they need me- or I need them

And the question we are being called to ask ourselves

Is that really true?

When we ask ourselves these questions,

We may recognize that it is not true,

but merely a story we thought was true,

or it was true at one particular part of our story

but now we have started a new chapter and

the character development

needs to continue to grow,

Or recognize we are not necessarily breaking ties with them

Instead we are tying ourselves

into our true unification

Knot, marriage- tying the knot, slipknot

We are not tethering ourselves any longer lower frequencies.

We feel as humans obligated at times

To connect with things, people, places, events

That are not necessarily something that is relevant

for our now moment.

We have been taught that we are our past

That we are our disease, that we are our genetics,

That we are who we surround ourselves with,

And from one perspective that has truth

Yet if we go into this deeper

into what we TRULY are

All of those things are a direct reflection

Of what it is that we value.

And there are some people, places, things, stories,

That are particularly old patterns

That are no longer in a alignment with giving us life support

They are not supportive

OR we no longer need to support these things

in order to feel More vibrant in this life,

More abundant.

And that’s okay

For we are not obligated in the way

we THINK we are,

To continually backtrack

And to play back the tracks

that keep us in a loop.

For our old records are being turned over

We are turning over a new leaf

We are adding a leaf to our table

And so we may find ourselves turning the tables

And perhaps farther down the lifeline

We come back into the opportunity

to reconnect with old friends

That perhaps in that future connection,

They have established their lifeline, and their joy in life

In such a way that we meet up- we match

Our frequency matches

We are not responsible to hang on

To those that wish to hang on

To a lower harmonic frequency loop, rat race.

For many of us have stepped out of the maze,

the labyrinth of what ever it may BE, that WAS

holding our Attention and what we valued.

And as we step forward

Those that were entangled in this particular story

May see us stepping up

Expanding out

And that may actually inspire them

To take note, (play on words- note- sound, and

also value, as in a bank note, also literally taking notes).

When we raise our frequency and

step into our bigger space,

Our higher version of us

Doing what we love,

being in a compassionate place

Not enabling people around us

Finding our voice

We don’t have to be rude about it,

it just is what it is

We are being called to let go of feeling

Obligated, Obligatory is actually an energy and

if it for the right reasons, that s different,

but if it is for the ‘wrong reasons’ we then continue

to co create in that frequency.

And so this allows us to create space and

let go of the space holder

It pops those bubbles and connection cords of toxicity

And allows us to breath, sigh-

Not even realizing we were feeling overwhelmed

with these old energies, people, places, things, stories, etc.

All doing this in a compassionate peaceful way

We simply take compassionate action in all ways

No words need to be said

Misery loves company, birds of a feather

Flight, DNA- I am being shown

Those of us that are open receptively will flock together

We will find our flock

And potentially so too will those who love misery, for example

That can shift for them if we stop enabling them and

take off the bandaid

This includes programs, subjects, people,

foods, activities everything.

This does not have to be permanent

Sometimes we grow apart in order to grow,

And later we reconnect with them.

Some people may be afraid to do this

because of the repercussions

The backlash they may get

However, it is time to value our own growth

in order to enhance the growth of the all

And so this is creating more notes in the field

This is creating a deeper language with ourselves.

We are becoming more authentic

in how it is we communicate and express ourselves

The more we do this, the more we branch out,

And the stronger lifelines and tree branches,

we root and create

And we co create this together.

I bring this back now to the value system

For we are creating a whole new way in valuing one another

And our interactions together

And so when we go into our heart stream and

allow ourselves To be in flow, or stream

We allow ourselves to go with the flow

We create these streams,

strings of energy of waves

That flush out the in-congruencies

Or wasteful space holders.

This allows us to band together and strengthen the numbers

(And this has to do with value again)

Geometries that create our reality

We are THAT

We are the key holders

We are the Platonic solids nested in this body

That is a vibrational frequency

And we each hold an individual key of creation

To create what it is that brings us joy

That brings us a sense of wonder and awe

It can be simple

It might just mean taking up a new hobby

Now is the time

To hug a tree, hug a fellow human, and

connect with the earth.

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