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Word Code Notes and Nodes, we are the network

These time bands bend and swell

According to certain influx currencies

that create certain distortions in the field, if you will

These measures of frequency sets creates a node

The node then eventuates a higher tunnel of pathology

Let us play with this a bit

Frequency patterns that are spinning right now are creating nodes

Are creating spaces and places in which we can categorize

certain frequency time mechanics

These particular sub strings, sub-strains, sub strainuals-

Sub-striations, create pockets of resistance

Let us restate this,

Technology stream Play-

these sub-striation network pockets

create bandwidths of reorganization

It layers up if you will

And allows for A certain reflect-ology,

A certain frequency to interconnect

and band together to unify a grid

a grid Substance existence

The grid substance, (squid is what I am hearing)

The grid substance expression is then utilized

to harmoniously interplay with the children

The light children (huh?)- maybe children is a POW

I am seeing sound (twinkling tinkling and children’s respond to it)

This allows us to unify certain spangle-dash (Bangladesh and spangle?)

A ferremont ? Aquarified substituent ??? Affirmont?

We realize these words are beyond the time and space

that you are used to speaking them in,

Yet they are interlaced and interwoven withIN you

So, as you allow yourself to tune in

and band with these frequencies

It creates a pattern of least resistance-

so, vive la resistance if you will POW

But not be in the resistance, let go of the resistance

Remember before

Remember when you have done this before

Remember when you have used the entire word bank,

The entire environment if you will,

from every person place or thing

from within your environment

holds within it a clue

you can then hold

and utilize to then provide glue

To then tie in with the wording

you are connecting to

(I was seeing Eagles overhead)

Open source- open wing span, spin).

And so these patterns then create

a distortion in the field, (squid ink)

if you know what we mean

(I am creating this distortion),

this is hard to understand for those reading,

like Nostradamus did with his quatrains

Yet there is an element of multidimensionality

for those who can read between the lines, myself included

so it is a living codex that can change

according - a chord in, to the time bands it was created in,

and the time bands it is connecting to

in the future also.

There are many different realms

So the nodes are ‘beefing’ up if you will

(getting bigger and cow, moo)

All the node convergences are creating

this frequency pattern and casts an array.

Within this array are certain nodes

that are accessed and harnessed

In order to broaden the full light spectrum

And it requires a certain visual alchemy, from one perspective

To then verify and SEE this.

It creates the ability to distort the frequencies

that are attempting to Cast out if you will, the Hippocrates POW

You are creating a bandwidth

And as you create this bandwidth,

we propose that this bandwidth moves

Beyond your alchemical trajectory

This is just to allow you the time

Allow you the time to tune in and record

What it is that you are seeing

For as you record what it is that you are recording

If you will

You then allow the energies to be harnessed

Inferentially in a new way.

For the harnessing of these energies and frequencies

Creates the ability

to display New time bands

And so what is it we are getting at, if you will? pOW

Let us roll back a moment.

Your ability to see clearly and look at the light

That is viewing you, that you are viewing

That you are bringing into view

That you are reviewing

That you are viewing up if you will

That you are

It gives you an analogous perspective to peer into the past

It gives you the ability to peer in and through

That which has been

Grooved out if you will

It allows you to slip though the cracks,

It allows you to slip into, in through

The cracks in time

It allows you to take a crack,

Take a bite out of crime, take crack off the street, POW

(Who was that dog?)

Why is this relevant to this now moment?

Your relevancy is Clearly based - baseline

(Many references to crack, and this is ironic

and a perfect example of using all words as tools,

no matter what we may associate as negative or positive ,

it really is about word association and memory and

staying in a neutral point of view

to use all words as tools and connection points.

I am seeing a yellow canary as I write this and am hearing baseline

Hearing the song, 80’s song- white lines, blow away, free base).

It allows you to launch into a different spectrum

You do this all while sitting in your chair

And at times this can be overwhelming,

you think, there is so much here- hare

Where do I begin?

Yet we assure you that you begin again and again

and again In this way so that you can then

create beyond the illusion

For that which has been created IS an illusion POW

All that you see is a divisive mechanism

that has been created

to restore your ability to create

(As i type up divisive mechanism- I laugh because I was typing up another seemingly unrelated car video right before this from December 234d called- and I used the words Divisive many times and don’t always use it- now here it is in this ‘random’ rando video that I decided to type up from my phone, (separate divisive, and from October that was unlabeled)

For you were once lost in a sea of creation,

unknowingly creating

Unknowingly ripping apart the fabric of time

Space time in which you were aligned with POW

(I am hearing do no be alarmed at the idea

of ripping apart space time

this is not a negative attribute, we are not saying

that you were involved in the time jumper problematic schematic.

You were not necessarily part of that jumpsuit,

I am seeing RIP has multiple layers to it-

like pulling out information, and Rest In Peace,)

And as you resource this information,

it allows ‘Us’ to reSOURCE with you.

(Codes and fractional Abilities)

Time is on my side- hearing that song

Okay Let us move into a different bandwidth

so we can acclimate to these frequencies with more.

There are two different perspectives,

there are 2 different ways to view things,

Of course there are more ways than 2

But we show you both sides of the coin, if you will

This allows you to dip in between the middle ground

This allows you to move into the middle

And dissect from a multilayered, multi-perpetual point of view

(I am seeing a perpetual motion clock).

And you may wonder why we reference

so much with time right now

It is because the coordinates on your system

are mapping you into A particular time-ology

The mapping coordinates

The mapping coordination POWthe mapping then coordinates (cord-innate, organizes, connects with the innate to the core, puts it in sequence)

Different characteristics that create a linear projection

that then creates a reality subordination, POW

This sub-ordination ordinates a sequential set of numerical

Numerological counter intuitive

(Counting it, its a counter, you are counting it intuitively)


The coordinates allow you to plug in a reset

As you reset your own coordinates ,

you allow that which has been accessed

To be publicized POW

As you publicize these different components,

You begin to realize that you ARE the mapping system

You ARE the coordinates

You are the subordination, if you will

The subordinates POW

the frequency sets then combine

To create an alchemical Align-meant,

with All of your recourses interactions

These pre-coursed interactions were not set in stone

Yet were merely set up in order

to help localize your harmonic convergence.

They were set up to engage more fully

with your spirit source energy.

They were set up so up

so you could engage more fully

With the divine aspect

of equilibrium of equal liberation

Equalitarianism- equal-itorium.

For within your own skin set holds a microbiology

That was set in motion

before time began, from one perspective

The microbiology that was set within your own kingdom

Harnesses and associates with a network of pre encapsulated

Time mechanic brokerages POW

These time mechanic brokerages

create the ability, agility to map out certain influctatuions

These are then dialed into a superconductor, if you will

of the most Organic attributes POW

(organism, organs in a body, music, organelles,

organization, organioligies organ-ilogies).

As you allow yourself to move into this HUB, if you will

You then create a distorted color field,

(this reminds me of Andrew Bartzis,

and he also speaks of the hub of inter connectivity)

This then allows you to truly connect, truly create

And not be manipulated, ma-NIP, plated,

or spun out in other directional courses

That do not fit with your pioused trajectory, trajector-ology,

You then see through the matrix

You then self destruct the whole façade of Self, if you will.

You create an equilibrium protocol

that then adjusts the time period and the timepiece accordingly.

For this has been broken For so long

That what we have been left to work with

was out of scale POWthis weighs heavy

(I am seeing this disc in my throat)

It is time

There are so many things we can express right now

However, as we express in this way we allow you to pen,

To open and convey

from a different place.

Your realms you have existed within

are still in existence within

And you are essentially a viral overload

You then overload the system

with a viral in fluctuation of mass consciousness of delight.

This mass consciousness, so to speak,

lights up the spectrum so that others may see

So that others may remember

So that others may disambiguate

from POW the frequencies that have been

Truly mismapped.

Many have been misguided

Many have fallen into a system of hierarchy and control

This system of hierarchy and control

has created a bound mindlessness

binding full of mindlessness

Binding full Mechanical overlay.

And even though we project or prophesies

the future in these transmissions

The future is now

You are upsetting the coil, and this is creating a wrinkle

A ripple, rip van winkle

(I am seeing that people that were sleeping

were creating a wrinkle for they were not utilizing

their potential —it made the path less smooth

They were so overlaid with this intense velocity

of these mechanical interruptions.

And this worked for awhile,

this created the ability to destabilize for so long,

To be destabilized,

Now it is uninterruptible, for the air is cleared

We are interrupted no more, POW

You are in the process of RECIEVING upgrades

It will feel funny, it will feel out of tune at times

Because you are tuning, (I am seeing the throat again)

You are tuning into

And this creates a vibrational frequency

vibrant-cial patency lift???

(Like when you patent something)

It creates a lift in your codex

And this then creates more distortion in the field.

(I am creating the distortion against the distortion-

I am seeing this energy that is trying to attach to us,

to figure us out, to predict us and model after us, and it just cant’)

Personal- the messages will change and recalibrate

according to what is coming in and according to

what is the highest match if, you will

For what is necessary in this complexity of incoming changes.

Be kind on yourself, be kind to your body

For you must love yourself

You must love what it is that you are creating

You must love every aspect of your life

Even when it feels like you are in strife

For these particular experiences are Rifed with frequencies

(Rife frequencies- ripe with frequencies)

And these frequencies of these particular experiences

Are part of your implosion

They allow you to counter balance these ‘other’ energies

In such a way that ‘they’ cannot calibrate

To your own display

of harmonic frequencies

This keeps those at bay who are not willing to play

The same game, if you will.

For this has stretched beyond

the confounds of your imagination

Yet if you can stretch your imagination

Beyond the confounds of the mind,

You will allow yourself to see

with new eyes, (eYES) With clarity

That which has been birthed

and we all all accesSING.

It can be felt as we strip away the façade

Of what we THINK we FEEL

For what we THINK, we FEEL

For when we THINK we feel something,

it is merely an attribute

Of the senses that has not been fully attributed

It has not been fully functioning

For when we feel something that IS truth, we know

We don’t THINK we KNOW

It Becomes our truth,

it becomes our very fabric of our existence

And we cannot have one without the other.

We cannot have self mastery without FEELING

All that we have in this fulfilling reality,

POW (full of feeling, fulfilling as in complete also).

For our agility and ability to utilize all aspects

Of this Divine co creative technological

Technologically- local technology

Technological based body

(I am seeing threads and everything that

the body is tuning into as in an instrument

of creation, and a receiver, etc)

And so recognizing that is key.

Let us sit tight this for a moment

and let it calibrate if you will

For the calibrations that are being made

are not yet locked in

A consistent way

They are held and they are reworking with a systematic approach

Some discrepancies that you are tuning into

These discrepancies are in part,

Because there is a unified bandwidth

that is still processing misaligned currencies and

it is only natural the distortions from the human aspect

are still being waylaid and processed. (Human as in -ego, and beliefs or seeming ‘knowings’ based on false history and or experiences in which we had shame, guilt, etc due to teachings that told us to feel that way, etc)

So buckle up if you will, and hold on

For the wild ride that is now part of your reality is temporary

Yet it is jam packed with the necessary ingredients

To stabilize the new Earth bandwidths.

And so you are innately guided

to where you need to go.

It seems convoluted in this now time

For the opportunities are many

So too are the calamities from one perspective LOL

And the ability to calm the seas so to speak, seize the day.

So here is the scoop

Your outer bands are merging with your inner bands,

And vice versa

This will take time to conduct patterns

that can then be recognized

In an easier and more negotiable linear way.

Today is a powerful day for integrating some of those patterns.

As you integrate these patterns, it then creates a wave

That is highly conductible.

This highly conductible wave then seismically accumulates

And vibrates out all of the loose packaging POW

There is more and we could play with this

But again, the sponge is full

This is not intended to overload you or your senses

So remember this all can be playful,

It does not have to be applied.

We would recommend you trim the palms

Be like a tree, work a little every day

and get rid of and tie up the loose ends.








WHAT IS A in chemistry?

A is used to signify the atomic mass number (also known as atomic mass or atomic weight) of an atom. A = # protons + # neutrons

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